Executive Lounge at The Pen

One of the perks of staying in an executive suite is you have access to the executive lounge. 2 adults maximum per room. If you have kids, sorry –jollibee sila! :P

ALL MEALS are free! Fantastic, right? Too bad we couldn’t use that privilege since we are normally a family who loves to eat together. (Except when we sneak from Dad! :P) This perk is mostly for executives traveling on business (read: without kids) who couldn’t be bothered with menial things such as eating & treats it as a necessity rather than a luxury! ;P

Of course I had to check out this magical place that served FREE food! <3 <3 <3

ooooohh! Soooo quiet & relaxing.
And empty!!
They only serve the basics. 1 rice, 1 meat, 1 vegetable. Oh, and a soup.
It was pumpkin soup that day!
If I wasn’t too full from our brunch I would have tried the soup! </3
But I would have been happy with this spread. FREE NOH!

Yaosa!! Can you spell D-R-O-O-L ???
I should have FORCED myself to try this huhuhu! :'((
Oh yes.. I would have been VERY HAPPY with this spread!
Chocolate is L-H-A-V!!! <3 
and cappuccino!
I could have stayed on that floor forever!!!

Ooooooh! Carb loading!!! Now, I’m really crying! :'((

Friendly SMILING staff. <3
I think I could have manipulated them into letting all of us dine here for free, teehee! :P

Yes, there was some drama. There was some hullabaloo. But all in all, our stay at The Pen was fantabulous. Expensive, but fantabulous! I wouldn’t book the executive suite again though, haha! :P

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