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Eum-Ma-Ne Modern Korean & Soju Lounge

If not for the Bossman Spanky Enriquez & his million-and-one invites, I wouldn’t even know that a new & shiny mall existed in Pasig. I was so happy to see a posh new mall called ESTANCIA in Capitol Commons which I heard will be home to big imported apparel brands & also a wide array of restaurants. Restaurants that we don’t have in the South. Excitement! I will most definitely be bringing the kids here very very soon. <3

Though Kap & I didn’t get to discover much because we were sorta, kinda late for the call time, we liked what we saw & vowed to explore it more with the kiddos.

It was easy breezy finding Eum-Ma-Ne Modern Korean and Soju Lounge as it was on the ground floor facing the street. Eum-Ma-Ne which in Korean means “Mother’s Place”, serves home cooked dishes with a modern twist by owner Grace Lee using her mother’s authentic Korean recipes. It definitely brings Korean cuisine to a different level. You won’t find banchan here though, I have to warn you in advance lest you look for it.

Eum-Ma-Ne Modern Korean and Soju Lounge

Estancia Mall, Meralco Ave. cor Shaw Blvd., Oranbo, Pasig (02) 997-0391 ; +63927 837-3862


The outside is sleek-looking. One look & you know you’re going to be having a spankin’ good time.



I was wondering what this wooden ornament was until it dawned on me that it’s supposed to be a cherry blossom tree! :P



With Chef Nino Logarta (L), Beside me (top, right) is Managing Partner Jerome Smooth & another partner Scott dela Rosa, and my favorite drinking buddy (Indulgence by) Irene Co.

Eum-Ma-Ne combines Korean fusion cuisine with modern takes paired with delicious Soju cocktails. Soju is a popular alcoholic beverage in Korea, which is often matched with Yakult, yogurt, beer or fruits like pomegranate to make cocktail drinks.

Soju (Hangul소주hanja燒酒) is a distilled beverage containing ethanol and water.

Considered as “Korea’s most popular alcoholic beverage” in 2010, most brands of soju are made in South Korea. While it is traditionally made from rice, wheat, or barley, modern producers often replace rice with other starches such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, or tapioca.

Soju, which (燒酒) literally means “burn liquor”, is clear and colorless. 




Irene was my drinking partner that night & we had a blast sampling a few.. okay, A LOT of Soju drinks. We really had a very happy hour! ;) This is my first time to try Soju & I have to say.. I like it. I really really like it! <3 I can’t single one out to recommend to you because OMG, I loved all the flavored Sojus they served!



Bulgogi Jalapeño Poppers 375 php. Beef bulgogi and cheese stuffed in breaded jalapeños and crispy taro chips served with cilantro sour cream & Gochujang tomato salsa sauces.



Seafood Pancakes 320 php. Fresh seafood & spring onions come together in a delicious crispy pancake. A must have. <3



Chicken & Cucumber Salad with Yeongeoja vinaigrette dressing 320 php. Grilled chicken with a mix of assorted vegetables & cucumbers with the signature Yeongeoja vinaigrette dressing.



Bulgogi Ribs 690 php. Slow-baked and grilled bulgogi-marinated pork ribs with Gochujang barbecue sauce. Comes with sweet potato and Korean pickle salad, fresh kimchi salad, and nori-dusted corn on the cob.



Honey Glazed Salmon with Momil Noodles 610 php. Pan-seared salmon with arugula & soy milk veloute mango over korean momil noodles. Looks divine, but sadly the noodles really didn’t speak to me.



Bossam Pork 820 php. My favorite that night because I love Korean wrap-wrap-thingamajigs. Slowly braised and grilled pork belly with kimchi, pear slices, confit garlic sesame leaf, & Korean bagoong sauce with lettuce wraps on the side.




Baked Bacon and Cheese Mandu 355 php. Eum-ma-ne’s Korean version of Mac and Cheese. Korean pork & cheese dumplings smothered in a rich mornay sauce & bacon then gratinated with even more grated cheese.



Korean Jerk Chicken 650 php. Grilled Korean spice marinated boneless whole chicken served with sesame coleslaw, mango relish, and tortillas. Tender, juicy, tasty, spicy – super loved this. Would have loved it more with an extra heaping of warm tortillas though. :)

I’m so glad that unlike other Korean restos that have only Melona or the fish-looking ice cream wafer for dessert, Chef  Nino put his creativity further to the test and came up with 2 highly satisfying sweet meal enders.


Banana Milk Cheesecake 225 php. The very popular Korean drink (Banana milk) made into cheesecake and topped with banana slices, whipped cream, and syrup.



Gochugaru Chocolate Brownie 225 php. Has a spicy kick to it so this definitely made my night! <3 If you’re not fond of anything spicy, then order the banana cheesecake as this really kicks a mean punch.

Thank you so much Eum-Ma-Ne Modern Korean & Soju Lounge for treating us to such mouthwatering Korean delights! <3 If only all dining outlets served food & drinks as good as the ones at Eum-ma-ne, Kap & I wouldn’t think twice about crossing the distance.

Estancia Mall, we shall return. Hungrier than ever!

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