Estrel’s Caramel Cake & my daughter’s BLOG!

Ate came home the other day craving for a caramel cake from Estrel’s. She doesn’t normally have a sweet tooth so I was quite surprised. She said she saw a picture in instagram that made her all of a sudden crave haha.

Estrel’s is all the way in Quezon City, but I really really wanted to give her this teeny tiny gift -she doesn’t ask for much. Poor Ate is so tired all the time from all the traveling back & forth from school. Nope, dorm is definitely not an option. I. WILL. DIE. !!!

I asked her driver to go to QC yesterday so ate can have a piece of her pie er, CAKE!
I was lucky they had a spare when I called as soon as they opened yesterday.
Normally, you can’t buy a cake on the day itself, unless you order in advance.
Yes, that’s how AWESOME they are!
Their CARAMEL cake is the best! <3
The icing doesn’t harden even if you keep it in the ref.
And the cake stays moist.

and guess what! :) I’ve been badgering ate & giving her grief about how much I miss her since she went off to college that she made a surprise photo blog JUST FOR ME!!! I’m CRYING as I write this!! Snot & all! Isn’t she just the sweetest, most thoughtful daughter anyone can ever have??? <3 <3 <3

Oh ate. I know you’re always tired from all the traveling & tons of homework. You don’t have to saddle your daily activity with an update for mommy. Only when you can, okay? I really truly appreciate this! More than the RL Pony fragrance -SWEAR! ;))

LUNES, HUNYO 25 2012

It’s raining! ☔

Here’s my lunch for day, mom. Don’t worry the rain is beginning to subside.

PS You don’t know how grateful I am for my plastic shoes

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Sa Hunyo 25, 2012 20:31, Ayon kay Blogger Sugar, Spice &amp; Everything Nice
Oh sweetie!!! :) I am crying as I write this. I know, I’m such a cry baby right? It’s not the sniff-sniff cry, mind you. But the wailing, sipon with SNOT kind!!! ;))

You don’t know how happy you have made me. There, I’m bawling again! ;P

Thank you so so much for this, sweetheart. I miss you every single day that my heart literally (ok, not REALLY literally, but close!) breaks whenever you go off to school. How I wish I could just tie you to me & never let you go! EVER! :P

This blog means a lot to me my darling because you’re sharing your life with me even when you’re so very far away.

What did I do to ever deserve you in my life! You are such a wonderful, sweet blessing to me my love. I am just so happy that you are my daughter & that you just LOVE me so!

Take care my darling. Always. Because I live just for you (& the sibs of course). I love you sooooooo very much. To the moon & back! <3

Love, Bubby!

PS- You write so brilliantly my love (almost as good as me, jeje!). If medicine doesn’t work out for you, you can always be a writer! ;)

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