Baha sa USTE! @_@ Again. Good news. Well, for us at least (sorry). Not so for the people who got stranded overnight at the Tan Yan Kee Bldg.

The flood was knee deep. Given the choice between walking home & braving it, AND being stranded overnight for who knows how long? I’d walk. It was knee deep. Still, I’d prefer less than 30 minutes of suffering to get across (and you can always wash it off anyway) compared to being stranded for over 12 hours. But that’s just me. Note to self: Send ate cling wrap to school in case of flooding! ;P

What will I do with cling wrap?
This, of course! :)
One word: Leptospirosis! @_@
Better to shield yourself from all those microbes!
Photo credits: Michelle Martinez
(sorry Michelle, couldn’t resist your cling-wrapped feet to give as an example hehe!)

But then again, there is always safety in numbers. Probably if it wasn’t night time, walking would be a good idea before the flood gets even higher & more dangerous (always get out early while the flooding is still manageable). Never at night though unless you are with a group. And I think traffic was bumper to bumper & not moving at all. So maybe staying in school was a good idea after all? ;P

Moving on. Ate was scheduled to register in Rustan’s for her gifts on thursday, but it means I have to wait for her in school -bummer. So today was a blessing in disguise! We re-scheduled her registry to today, so I’m all clear for thursday yay! :)

Before we went on a crazy window-shopping spree, we fueled up at Escolta in Manila Peninsula Hotel for lunch. I just got my PEN CARD so we got to have lunch at 50% off. The day is turning up better & better! <3

Tuesdays were Pen Pinoy days (Filipino food)
Lunch is 1350++ php per person.
Or 1,620 net each.

We waited for 30 minutes before we got seated as we came early.
(Excited much!)
Ooooh!!! SUSHI! <3
and BIG, FAT shrimp cocktails which I had a TON of!
(cholesterol alert!!!) 
Look at my plate & DROOL! :P 

Angus Roast Beef
Which I attacked next! ;)
With ceasar salad as side dish,
para kunwari healthy eating! :P 
And what did ate eat, you ask?
Ito.. KWEK KWEK! @_@
All the way to Manila Pen & she eats THIS! 
Back to ME! :)
Next on my agenda was Indian curry! <3 
Ate gagged as she watched me eat this.
Nope, she didn’t like the smell haha. 
She stole my bread though! :( 
with Prettina! <3
Dessert time!! 
Mashed Ice cream.
Why you have to mash it lah???
huhu my mashed 3-flavored ice cream
(chocolate, vanilla & coffee)
The child in me BEGGED for gummy bears! m/
All preserved fruits (cherry, blueberries) except for the mango.
It was MAASIM! >_< 

And lastly, my filipino dessert! YUM! <3

And all the while that we were eating, I was observing this cute couple on a date. :) The husband was so sweet & attentive to his wife, how lovely to watch! Even though they each had a yaya, he was always looking out for her needs. Awwww! <3 <3 <3 Gusto ko ganyan din kami pag-tanda! With matching his & hers yayas!
How sweet it is to be loved by you! <3
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