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Nope. This post is not about Wicked. :P It’s about Ate’s new toy which she has named ELPHABA-G because of.. well, the color. It’s striking green!


Just a little Trivia: Do you know why Elphaba’s skin is green? Well, it’s is a direct result of her biological father’s meddling with the green elixir which caused her to be born with green skin. But Elphaba’s green skin also links her not just to the other world, but to the green land of Oz itself. Elphaba’s green skin also ties her to themes of magic, other worlds and realities, politics and power (via the Emerald City), the mythical and “all-seeing” (or all-imagining) Time Dragon, and various mythical aspects of Oz itself.


Well deserved for a stressful 2nd year in pre-med! <3 I’m so happy with her grades & she has really worked hard the whole school year that a little bit of green was worth every penny.



GIVENCHY Medium Antigona Envelope Stamped Croc Clutch in Emerald Green Croc embossed calfskin leather with canvas lining. Made in Italy. Measures approx 12″W x 8″H x 1″D. Envelope flap-top with gunmetal logo. Three interior compartments.


And because of Elphaba-g, we went in search for clothes to match the current favorite a.k.a. flavor of the month. Away from her traditional blacks & greys. Yay! I love the color of Spring. I will finally see some colors on Ate! <3


But before that, we had to fill up our running-on-low tanks for the menial task ahead.. choosing clothes that have green/yellow prints, or is related to/can be married to, the spinach color!


And where does our feet take us? Banana Leaf of all places. I think we have conditioned our brains too much into thinking clean & green. Even our restaurant of choice that day bore the DLSU Archers’ color.




Green everywhere!!! @_@ Coke Zero in every meal 50 php. I’ll DIE without it!!!


What we had..



Roti 88 php with a side order of Curry Sauce 30 php which I swiped with delight.


Spicy Shrimp Wanton Laksa 198 php


Good for 2. I was surprised to find most of our orders had big servings. Now this is what you call value for money. Plus, we loved our uber spicy Laksa! <3 It may not look appetizing but believe me when I say it had an extra kick that made us very very happy!



Can you see the tears forming? That’s because of happiness! But also because it was so spicy! <3



Chinese Kangkong 188 php Green was definitely the color of the day. ;)


Beef Rendang 288 php. A bit tough, but was actually good, I was surprised considering the price. And such a big serving too! m/ Best eaten with plain Rice 30 php



Phad Thai 188 php



Pandan Pancake 80 phpΒ  was sickeningly sweet. The coconut inside was overloaded with sugar.


Mango Sago Pudding 80 php Would have been okay if it wasn’t so gooey. Isn’t this supposed to be firm?




After a filling lunch, we went with the task ahead. And heavily laden with shopping bags, I can safely say she has a few safe OOTDs to match her latest acquisition..



Bagged a couple of green-inspired tops, shorts, and summer dresses for her I’m-out-of-school-chillax-mode season! ;) She deserves all the rest & partying she will get this long summer. <3



Ang hirap ng may anak na dalaga! @_@

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