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Elizabeth Arden Red Door Speed Services

Elizabeth Arden, a prestige & iconic beauty brand hailing from New York, recently launched The Red Door Speed Services at Shangri-la Plaza Mall and I’m so happy to have been able to try some of the speedy services at the recently concluded event. A must for busy millenials who have no time for lengthy rituals, these services are aimed at pampering and rejuvenating consumers on the go at all Elizabeth Arden counters nationwide. CLICK HERE TO SEE VARIOUS RED DOOR PRODUCTS.


Skincare, cosmetics and fragrance brand Elizabeth Arden is one of the oldest around. Starting in New York in 1910 with a salon on New York’s Fifth Avenue, Elizabeth Arden grew her company at an impressive rate and became one of the wealthiest women in the world. Now, over 100 years after its conception, Elizabeth Arden products are sold in more than a hundred countries including the Philippines, our very own!


Ate was so kind to take us along as her +1 & +2 teehee. Unfortunately, our dear Neni had to beg off last minute as she had to prepare for a report in school huhu.


As you know, I don’t normally like to go to big events because of the sizeable crowd & madlang people lol, but because I get to spend time with my beautiful Ate, rampa at kembot lang with matching new #ootd pa hahaha.


The Red Door Speed Services are complimentary for Elizabeth Arden customers. Yes, you read it right. No minimum spend necessary. Just go to the Elizabeth Arden branch nearest you & try the wide array of products & services this luxe brand has to offer. Again, for FREE -something that even the #trulyrichlady appreciates now & then! ;)

My favorite is the 1.) Booster Bar which is customized Oxygen Blast Airbrush Services for Lifting, Detoxifying, Brightening and Hydrating skin. This 15-minute spa refresher includes cleansing and toning, followed by a quick mist of customers’ preferred Oxygen Blast Serum delivered via an airbrush stylus. Nakakakiliti! ;) 


Ate got the Red Door Lifting Oxygen Mist while I had the Red Door Brightening Oxygen Mist. Had I more time to spare at the launch, I would’ve tried ALL FOUR! I felt my skin recharged almost immediately, swearbear! <3 Will most certainly go back this weekend to try the rest.


The one I tried is the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Brightening Oxygen Mist. Using Elizabeth Arden’s Skin Illuminating products available exclusively at Red Door Spa, this mist is designed to address and correct hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Vitamins and antioxidants boost brightness, combat discoloration and dark spots while Biomimetic Peptide repairs collagen and elastin. Skin’s cellular health is improved and immediate brightening and radiance is revealed.

To top off the service, the SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster, Elizabeth Arden Serum and Moisturizer, are applied to the face and neck. (Remember ladies, taking care of the neck is as important as taking care the face. You don’t wanna deal with goosey-loose turkey necks now, do you?)

2.) Tone it Uptown Ceramide Lifting Massage with starts with the cleansing of your skin with makeup cleansers featuring microcurrent technology. This service promotes lifting and toning of the facial contours leaving your skin fit and fab! \m/ Make sure you follow this up with the Tone it Uptown Lifting Facial which helps boost, hydrate and restore skin to its youthful glory. Lastly, go for for the Tone it Up Lifting Eye Treatment. This unique eye service features micro-current technology that targets hard-to-reach areas around the eyes. Even women in their early 20’s can get those laugh lines & crow’s feet if they don’t take ample care. Again, FREE! Simply because Elizabeth Arden wants to familiarize us with the new products available in the market.

Elizabeth Arden sure knows the A-B-C’s of skin care with these top of the line miracle products.

3.) Pampered HandsDeluxe Hand Massage, making your hands smell soooo good. Leaving you confident to shake the hands of the powers that be at that scheduled pow-wow meeting! After a quick exfoliation to smooth hands, a warm paraffin hand treatment added with scented Elizabeth Arden White Tea fragrance is used combined with a luxurious hand massage. Ohh-la-la! <3

4.) In A Red Door MinuteA quick makeup lesson is available to those who want to refresh their makeup after a quick facial sesh. Learn how to create the latest looks, from brows that wow and bold lips to strobing and contouring. ;)

I firmly believe that a smile is the best make-up a girl can wear. But hey, red, luscious lips to boost that smile can certainly help, right? But above all, always remember this rule: Be beautiful INSIDE & OUT:

Makeup can only make you look pretty on the outside. It doesn’t help if you’re ugly on the inside. (Unless you eat the makeup)

5.) Pollution SolutionAnti-Pollution Sheet Mask Facial. Ate went gaga for these goodies. You know her & her facemasks – it’s essential to her nightly skin regimen. Once a young lady peaks & blooms, it’s downhill, downhill, downhill. So you gotta hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate to flush out toxins & impurities caused by unavoidable pollution. Oh yes even if you stay mostly indoors in the class or office, that small window of “in betweens” can really take a toll.

If you have more time to spare at the Red Door Spa, you can always book & pay for the more leisurely-paced 6.) The Red Door Facial Services. And that’s what I’m heading off to now that I’ve got plenty of time in my hands waiting for the Giblings to come home. #emptynester

I was actually quite surprised to see so many youthful patrons gracing the event. Elizabeth Arden has been around for so long that I just assumed clients of this luxe brand belonged to my age group. ;P Instead, I was surrounded by vibrant young ladies who epitomized women empowerment. Just like the Founder herself who boasts of being the first for many big beauty ideas – the first to introduce eye makeup to the women of America (1914); the first to make travel-size products (1917); the first to offer makeovers in store; the first to offer travelling demonstrations … the list goes on.


For dinner, Elizabeth Arden treated the guests to a sumptuous 5-course meal at Paparazzi in Edsa Shangri-La Manila. My first time at Pap, and it certainly did not disappoint. \m/


Had such a fun date with my lady love courtesy of the Elizabeth Arden Ph launch. Thank you so much Ate for taking me along as your +1 & spending the entire night with me (separate from your friends!!!) even though you’re so tired na from school & have another early day pa the next day. I really appreciate & look forward to our date nights. 

Thank you too Elizabeth Arden Ph team, & product manager TIFFY KING for having us. <3 Cheers to your very successful product launch. Can’t wait to try the contents of our posh swag bag (see below). Tiffy is Ate‘s new friend, introduced by her med school BFF (lower right) Alex. Tiffy & Alex went to Ateneo together for undergrad & after a stint with Wella, Tiffy was hired by Elizabeth Arden to head the product management & marketing in Manila. And she did it all on her own too, no strings got her this far, so proud of this amazing lady.


Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lift & Firm Youth Restoring Solutions Starter Set. EA Ceramide Capsules Youth Restoring Serum- 7 capsules/ EA Ceramide Lift and Firm Day Lotion Broad Spectrum Sunscreen- 15 ml/ EA Ceramide Lift and Firm Night Cream- 15 ml Starter Kit Price: PHP 990 Also available for sale at SAMPLEROOM.PH Defy skin’s decline with Ceramide Technology. Our skin-identical ceramide technology found in our capsules and creams help strengthen skin’s moisture barrier layer with what it needs for a youthful-looking appearance. Diminish the appearance of aging signs for firmer, smoother, and healthy-looking skin with the Ceramide Lift and Firm Youth Restoring Solutions Starter. Each set contains the Ceramide Lift and Firm Day Cream, Ceramide Lift and Firm Night Cream, and Ceramide Capsules. Thank you for my free sample, Elizabeth Arden! :-*

Elizabeth Arden speaks to modern women who share the Founder’s MAKE YOUR MARK philosophy -love of beauty, and feminine ingenuity. From New York to the world, the Elizabeth Arden skincare, color, fragrance, and Red Door Spa experiences are loved by women around the globe, myself included. ;)

In keeping up with modern times, Elizabeth Arden recently revamped its brand to fit the lifestyle of the millennial woman: Confident, Active, and Informed. An Elizabeth Arden woman takes her beauty regimen seriously but values efficiency & efficacy, and flaunts her femininity yet remaining empowered & confident.

The iconic red door has finally come to Manila to empower the Filipinos the Elizabeth Arden way. Visit any of the stores at Trinoma Mall, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Eastwood Mall, and woohoo -my town, Alabang Town Center!


See you there! :-*

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