El Froggo!

More & more I’m really having serious issues with my kids’ school. Grrrr!!! Last night, as I got home from a party, my babyson told me that he needed a frog asap to be used the next day in school. Hello??? I’m not a fairy godmother who can produce a frog on a whim! @_@

Frogs are so slimy & yucky!!! And did I mention slimy??? :(( I wouldn’t even think of going 10 meters near it, let alone catch it. EEEWWWWEEE??? Good thing we have a houseboy who knew how to catch froggies!!! I probably have to give him a bonus on top of his 13th month pay for doing this! ;P

After an hour of searching, he finally caught a teeny tiny one, poor guy (houseboy AND el froggo)!

I don’t know why the school can’t provide frogs to the students, OMG!!! Lack of funds??? Our tuition is the highest in the village already!!! @_@ I shall write a long love letter to the principal regarding this! Did they really think the kids would catch frogs? Of course the parents are always left to do the dirty job!!!

My babyson needs el froggo for dissection. Poor froggie! :(( Do you know that they pin down the frog (both hands and feet with a pinhead) belly-up ALIVE.. and cut it open ALIVE??? The pop it’s poor heart out, finally releasing it from it’s misery??? ( I refuse to call it a him, I’ll just pretend it’s a non-living thing. KAWAWAAAAA!!!)

Good thing I already found my frog prince!!! Paano na kung siya yung dina-dissect??? ;))

The only el froggo I can tolerate.. KERMIT!!! <3
We are just perfect for each other! ;) RIBBIT!
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