EK -again!

We can’t afford a trip abroad this year, much as we want to. So the kids have to make do with local theme parks. Such as EK! @_@

I try to avoid EK. Especially during the summer. As you know, the sun is NOT my friend. But once the kids manipulate me into going, how can I -and who am I to refuse.

For the past week since THE plan has been “formulated”, I have been dreading the day! I have been cornered by my dear Lavinia into chaperoning her outing with her friends. Yes, she knows how to wrap me around her little fingers -sigh!

Finally, the dreaded wednesday came & off we went. Good thing 2 other mommies came with me, or wouldn’t know what I would have done to entertain myself! :P

The girls with their summer hair! ;)
All drenched haha!
Who could say no?
My baby girl had sooooo much fun! <3

Yaya having a go too.

My baby won a prize for me. <3
I noticed a lady carrying this around & it piqued the inner child in me.
I do love dogs!
So Lavinia went in search for, & won, the much coveted hot dog for dear old momma! <3
My surprise! Sweetest girl ever! :-*

Sharing her prize with Max :)
Snack time

Gangsta pose! :P
Last hurrah before we went home.

I felt like 20 lbs. of lard melted off me in the heat. But my dear Lavinia’s huge smile, kiss & “thank you” more than made up for the dreaded day. I’d probably do it again tomorrow is she asks. Sigh -what we do for love! ;)

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