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My Kap left me again yesterday to scout for a possible overnight location in Batangas with the beach-lovin’ gang. He’s gung-ho on making the most of summer with water activities. #hatingtheboat #hatingthesun #hatingtheheat Which leaves my sunday free again! :P #lovingthefreedom

A mommy friend told me about the opening of the new EAST wing of Shangrila Mall. And where my hunnybun is a provincial & nature sort of guy, I am a certified MALL RAT! ;) So I dragged the kids all the way to mandaluyong to see what’s new.

I’ve always found Shangrila mall pretty but the new wing is even prettier! <3 With new & exciting shops & restaurants to explore. A lot of them were still closed, but whatever was open kept me happy. Parking was also a bit difficult & steep –ilang beses ako nag-island, also, it was already full as early as 12 noon so we had to park all the way to the top. Still, I was shaking with excitement upon entrance, lels.

More so, I was excited for lunch! ;P We’ve come this far, might as well eat someplace different & interesting. And Shangila Plaza didn’t disappoint. Just a few steps away from the parking, we saw this restaurant. Sushi & Teppanyaki, my perfect japanese combination. It was a no-brainer, we were definitely having lunch at Akira! m/

AkiraShangri-la Plaza Mall

5/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Shaw Blvd cor EDSAWack Wack, Mandaluyong(0932) 861-6125

They are such experts na in posing for my blog haha! <3I just love these peeps!
Cute chairs. I wonder where I can have some made?
Pagawa ako ng dalawa with a picture of Gretchen Barretto & Kris Aquino each.
So I can interview them over lunch or dinner -how FUN diba, lels!
If you will notice, I <3 Brats! ;))
I found their sushi prices quite expensive.
Around 400-500php/order of maki.
Mag-full meal ka nalang, ‘Day.
What we ordered:
Chicken Teppan 260 php/order x2,
Ebi Teppan 278 php/order x2,
Salmon Teppan 298 php/order x2
Squid Teppan 178 php/order x2
Akira Fried Rice 228 php/order x2
U.S. Rib Eye 300g. 1,089 php
Yasai Itame 105 php/order x2
And this order is ONLY for 4 people, ha.
Hindi naman halatang gutom kami diba???
Steak, chicken, and seafood sauce.
I liked the steak sauce best & used it for ALL my ulam! :P

Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food. It usually involves skilled maneuvers of the chef preparing the food. However, I cannot say that our “chef” had that skill. He tried to impress us but failed in a major major way, I’m afraid. He kept dropping the utensils & when he tried cracking open an egg in the air, well, let’s just say it’s not his best suit. ;)

The performance went downhill from here haha.
Sa apoy lang kami napa-hanga.
But the food was good, so ok na rin.
And not THAT expensive (except for the kobe & wagyu which we DID NOT order!) :P
Our “chef” was just very shy & timid. He would speak to us in a soft voice so we really didn’t understand what he was saying..
Unlike “CHEF LAGRO” over there who kept talking cheerfully & loudly a mile a minute.
Unfortunately, his audience sat stone-faced & weren’t a bit entertained.. or amused (just look at their bored expressions).
Sana pala nagpalit nalang kami! ;)) 
Go to AKIRA for the food nalang. Let’s just leave the show to the REAL teppanyaki chefs.
That’s our chicken & salmon teppan with bits and pieces of meat & seafood for our fried rice.
Yasai Itame
Our Seafood teppan.. (salmon, squid, and ebi)
They like it! m/ 
Me so happee! <3
And I’m glad ate is finally eating something aside from cereal, fruits & shakes! @_@

With our bellies full, we scoured the new mall from top to bottom…

Literally from TOP..
to BOTTOM! ;)

30 minutes is all it took as most shops were still closed. We had to contend ourselves with the old mall. What a HUGE difference it was, the old mall looked downright dowdy alongside the new one! ;P Can’t wait to go back after a year maybe, to see how the new wing is doing.

My post on MAPLE next! That is if my sucky internet cooperates. :)

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