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OMG! Remember thissss???

Faye & I were SO ready to attack Rustan’s Makati last friday when suddenly, I saw the FINE PRINT! @_@ Lecheng fine print yan lagi ako nada-dale! ;P If you look at the top left portion, it says SUPERMARKET under “Rustan’s” hehe! I bet you didn’t notice it too! -or did you?? All the while I thought apple yung design kasi nakiki-ride sa BREAKING DAWN hoopla. I’m so bright, right?!? :))

So for short, we cancelled our shopping trip. Buti na lang! I mean, what excitement will we find in the supermarket?!

But then, my heart has been set on going to Rustan’s makati that the kids went with me yesterday to window shop while their dad had a whole afternoon of tennis tourney (perfect!). And boy, did I find some treasures! May SALE!!! m/ (selected items)

I found a lovely gray flowered dusk coat in Criselda’s that I’m keeping a surprise, pang OOTD (outfit of the day) reveal! :P Just believe me when I say it’s one of a kind & screams ME! <3 Best of all.. on SALE! yay!

And we finally tried the EAST cafe on the 2nd floor of Rustan’s Makati. We’ve been curious about this cafe, looks so sosi & intimidating from outside, akala mo super expensive. But it’s actually not. Serves asian food but mostly japanese. Although may SUMAN siya -all sorts! :P

hallway at the 2nd floor of Rustan’s leading to EAST CAFE.
It’s either we’re in a hurry, or busy shopping and there’s no time to eat. So yesterday, even though we just had lunch before coming & weren’t particularly hungry, we went in for a quick look after window shopping para matapos na ang “curiosity killed the cat” ko! 
I’ve always been intimidated, akala ko MAHAL! :P 
My tadpoles! <3 <3 <3 
Warm, homey ambience.
Perfect place to veg out & refuel after a long tiring shopping day! ;)
Contemplating on what to order.. we just had lunch! :P
Suman galore.. ???

Green tea.. to help digest my lunch haha!
My babyson’s Spicy Tuna Maki 250 php
He was tearing up, so I guess it really WAS spicy! ;))
and Gomoku Ramen 310 php
(which he said tasted like ordinary chicken noodle soup) 
I guess he wasn’t that full haha! :P 
I’ve had a fascination with katsudon ever since yabu I think?
Couldn’t get it off my mind.
Katsudon 190 php.
Not the best.. :P
Lovey’s Oyakudon 190 php

Ate’s Ebi Tempura Maki with Kani 260 php 
Look at how they just LOVE me so!! <3
What more can a mommy ask for? I’m SO loved! <3 <3 <3 

We have since established that Rustan’s is not my kids’ store. They say it’s for the “more mature” audience -meaning me! :P

So in the spirit of fairness, we moved to greenbelt. My heart was palpitating, I knew my wallet was gonna get a heavy beating hehe.

And true enough.. :P

Only 1 bag each.. whew! ;))
well, except for the princess..
Ate needed sturdy backpacks for her HEAVY books! @_@
Hershel (LITTLE AMERICA) backpacks 7,500 php each.
I hope they are sturdy enough for all of ate’s things!!!
I told her to get two so she doesn’t have to keep taking out her books to transfer from MWF to TTh.
Hershel’s is a canadian brand available at all BRATPACK stores.
Best thing I liked about this bag are the back & shoulder support.
Ate gets kuba from all the load she carries. So I really hope this bag does the trick
A Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet 4,750 php which she bought from the remainder of her birthday money in her wallet.
The majority is in the bank, don’t worry. :)

The latest Nike Lunar Hyperdunks 2012 7.5k
Nike Greenbelt 3
For my Lovey: Assorted sweaters from ZARA, Greenbelt 5.
I can she she’s turning into a little fashionista herself. Oh-em-geeee!!! @_@

ALL in all, it was a very productive day. We finished what we set out to do & I’m happy that ate finally got bags she LIKED & could live with! @_@ Haaaay! Mahirap maging fashionista!!! :P

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