Each Day with You is Valentine!

I’ve been blessed with such wonderful kids, really. They shower me with so much love & affection that sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if it’s a dream I’m living in.

They show their affection through flowers..
thoughtful messages..
and of course, FOOD! ;))

While most parents (not all) struggle to get along with their kids -especially during puberty, I’m so blessed that I’ve had, and still have, an easy time relating to them. I’ve heard nightmare upon nightmare of mother/child stories..

How Do You Call Yourself A Mom?
© TarynLooking in yours eyes tells me something’s wrong
Never began to realize you’ve neglected for so long.

It seems your never there, you never really try
And every time I want to be with you you make up stupid lies.

I feel as if I’m just your friend
That you hate being around so don’t pretend.

Don’t say you love me with that dreadful tone
It doesn’t make sense why you never answer your phone.

It’s pathetic to know you had three daughters
But you have nothing to do with any of them that truly makes me wonder

Sure our family has had problems but not that bad that you can ignore
So if you expect me to stick around, I’ll walk right out of the door.

You wonder why I live with dad, at least he does try
Daddy has always cared about me. Do you know how much this makes me cry?

I feel like your dead because your never there
You’re dead to me, how is that fair?

I have never done anything to hurt you, and your boyfriend comes before me?
That’s bull shit mom, pay attention to me!

Its always poor poor pitiful you. You always have problems
You tell me your troubles like I’m supposed to stop them?

You used to call every day just to see how I was doing
Now it’s like you don’t own a phone as my emotions are brewing.

It’s so hard not to cry knowing my mother is barely around
I see girls so close to their mothers but it’s as if mine is already in the ground

Do you ever cry over me mom? Do you ever stop and wonder?
About how I am doing, you’re just a silent thunder.

I hate loving you -there’s no point if it’s not returned
My sisters hate it too, I feel like my skin is in a blazing fire being burned.

Trying to smile when I’m with you never seems to faze me
You were always the “cool mom”, but now you don’t care about me.

So now when you need me, I hope you know I won’t be here
I hope one day you read this, and it brings a world of fear.

I don’t want your hugs and fake understanding
I want a mom who is never-ending.

I’m sorry mom, but I gotta say
I’ll always love you. But never look my way!

Source: How Do You Call Yourself A Mom?, Angry Poem about Family http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/how-do-you-call-yourself-a-mom#ixzz2aOYqFm8Q

that I just thank God my kids adore me too much. (Way too much I think, they get separation anxiety whenever I go on a date, lels!)

Yesterday morning as I was doing my morning ritual, getting ready to face the day (read: draw my kilay), I saw yet another surprise on my vanity. <3 They never fail to brighten my day with love & surprises.

They know how much I dread mondays coz all my babies go back to school.

I’ve been wearing pink outfits lately & I have only 1-2 pink accessories to match. So my girls got me some pink lovin’ while we were at the store buying a gift for a christening I’ll be attending. I swear I don’t even know how they managed to pull it off with me right under their nose the whole time! #stealthmode #angGaleng ;P

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this lipstick charm! <3
It’s even the exact same shade as my lipstick now!
I’m so loving my new bracelet. Thank you my babies!!! <3

And it’s not just the material aspect. They shower me with love by giving me lots of hugs & kisses & touch. They know my language of love is touch so they always cuddle with me & stay on my bed everytime we’re together. They even “fight” to see who gets to sit beside me or hold my hand. It’s every mother’s dream come true, I tell you. #huwagmunasanamagboyfriend

We always walk like this, lels. Kulang ang the left & the right! I really need 3 arms. :)
Kawawang Kap he gets left behind. Ayan, nabwisit siguro he captured our picture & showed me! :P
Out of place much? ;))
They also love occupying my personal space. Of course, I don’t mind. <3

Thank you so much my loves for valuing me so much. To quote Martin Nievera, “each day with you is like a valentine”! <3 I’m one VERY HAPPY mommah! :-*

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