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Dyce N Dyne

The GOppets are a playful bunch. Headed by Kap, we can have fun just about anywhere. When the kids were younger, we had plenty of puzzles & game boards to keep them occupied & entertained. But then the digital age came, and so our games have been pushed to the back of our closets in the family room collecting dust. Gaming now is done online, so Kap & I thought of a #TB intercession for the kids.. and moi -I have to admit!

Even though we are always together, we don’t always talk up a storm because I’m online blogging (or reading blogs, or watching series), and they’re watching their favorite Youtube channels, or gaming, as is the case with my babyson. What happened to face-to-face interaction? What happened to conversations?


How timely that our friend Jeeves just partnered up & opened a new Cafe that promoted family fun the old fashioned way. Dyce N Dyne is a Board Game Bar & Cafe, thus the name. (Dice=game; Dine=chow) Clever, clever concept! \m/

Dyce N Dyne

Unit 3 Elements, Rosemarie Bldg, Pasig Blvd., Bagong Ilog, Pasig (906) 307-8465

Dyce & Dyne has so far amassed 300 board games, and counting. In case you’re a board game hobbyist, you can buy your games through Gaming Library, the country’s first online store for board games, with a selection very varied and extensive as they source the games around the world. Dyce N Dyne is actually Gaming Library’s flagship store which opened just recently. Always fully booked on weekends, it is best to call ahead for reservations as a single game can last a long, long, looong time depending on your skills.



Gaming Library co-owner ADRIAN MANAHAN greeted us as we came in. The second floor is home to new & hard-to-find board games that you can purchase directly. Try the games at the ground floor & if you like it, you can buy it to play at home. ;) #TryBeforeYouBuy We were also warmly met by Grace Lacap-Bernardo, marketing manager of Dyce N Dyne.





Even the tables are fun! \m/



News games available for sale.



My kids are gaga over Cards Against Humanity (best suited for 18 years old & above) and are looking everywhere for the Pinoy version. Although controversial, I give them the freedom to play with whatever they want. I’d like to think that Kap & I raised them well & have given them solid foundation that they know how to differentiate right from wrong, humor from reality, crude from being politically correct. Ang pikon, talo. Curious now are we? ;P You can read more about it HERE.


Oh noes! They finally got their hands on their very own set! :P Cards Against Humanity Php 1.7 k (plus 5 expansion packs of 850 php each) available in limited quantities at Gaming Library so do get your own copy now.

Cards Against Humanity, sold out almost everywhere, is a party game for “horrible” people. :P Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is despicable. The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their “funniest” (read: harshest) white card. It has become so popular that it now has 6 expansion packs.

What’s more, suplada ang Cards Against Humanity. The American version is only available in America. The Canadian version is only available in Canada. The UK version is only in the UK. And the Australian version is only in Australia. So again, when in the PINOY VERSION called CARD AGAINST FILIPINOS (CAF) coming out please? Anyone??? (To download a free copy click HERE)


This photo belongs to Cards Against Filipinos’ Facebook page.



This photo belongs to Cards Against Filipinos’ Facebook page.

And just because it’s their top favorite game, first on our agenda was the Nachos Against Humanity 250 php. Corn chips with cheese, chili corn carne, tomatoes, jalapeno, black and green olives.


Nachos Against Humanity 250 php. Corn chips with cheese, chili con carne, tomatoes, jalapeno, and black & green olives. And Truffle-Estration 200 php. Buttered popcorn drizzled with truffle oil.


The Games..


Meet DiDi, the official mascot of Dyce N Dyne. DiDi is short for D (yce) & D (yne).




It was fun watching the kids interact & laugh gaily. <3



We are all crazy with GOT but this was a pretty hard game & we couldn’t quite grasp the concept.





Good thing there’s a Game Coach on board. On weekdays, owner & managing partner ADRIAN is there to assist. But on weekends when the crowd gets busier, HANZ LOPEZ  is a useful “extra pair of hands” to help clueless gamers. This is a free service so don’t hesitate to call Hanz over! ;)


The Food..

All of the food at Dyce N Dyne from appetizers to mains are named after board games. What’s more, they are super affordable with most items priced at 150-200 pesos. Really barkada friendly. Now if only Jeeves & his partners would put one up in the South, I’d be a happy pig.


Chicken Skin of Avalon 150 php. Deep-fried battered chicken skin with buffalo sauce served with potato chips. Vinegar on the side. Spicy, so we loved it. I think this is the winner for team GOppets.



Machicurry 200 php. Baked crispy mojo potatoes with yellow curry sauce.

Now you know I’m a fan of anything zombie. Naturally, I ordered for myself a Zombicide Tempura Sardines which makes Spanish sardines crunchy with tempura batter. Kap got the Rarrr Gising Gising  (I don’t have to tell you why! #Rawr) which is basically green beans and ground beef cooked in spicy coconut milk sauce.


My Zombicide Tempura Sardines 150 php. Deep-fried spanish sardines coated in tempura batter.



Kap’s Rarr Gising Gising 180 php. Green beans & ground beef cooked in spicy coconut milk sauce.



Ate’s Legendary Grilled Cheese 150 php. 2 kinds of cheese with tomato slices on white bread. (Maybe they can have a whole wheat option too in the future?)



My Babyson’s Quirkle Chicken Salpicao 150 php. Pan-seared chicken thigh with hoisin sauce served with aglio olio pasta.



My Lovey’s Tapplesilog 180 php. Garlic beef sirloin tapa.

Continuing the spirit of fun, Dyce N Dyne also offers fun chemistry-themed drinks called Chemistea Milk Tea where beakers and flasks are used instead of mugs and glasses, making you feel like a mad ‘scienteast.’


DRINKS: Black Mango Fruit Tea Formula 100 php.  Dark Peach Fruit Tea Formula 100 php.  Matcha Latte Asian Signature Milk Tea 140 php.  Caramel Macchiato Espresso Concoctions 155 php with Coffee Jelly 30 php. White Rhino Cocoa Emulsion 145 php.



So, are you sold on the concept yet? ;) I strongly recommend Dyce N Dyne to families & even barkadas. Maybe even for companies for their team building (which was happening on the 2nd floor when we visited). Nothing beats face to face interaction & seeing real human face instead of your computer screen.


The family that Dyce N Dynes together stays together! <3

The GOppets certainly had fun. Dyce N Dyne brought back many fun memories. Imma make sure that those board games at home come out & get some heavy dusting. Family game night is coming soon! Are you ready kids?

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