Duty Free Shopping

It was a pleasant surprise to find out that my Duty Free shopping privilege was renewed. I really thought it was kaput already since I didn’t reach the buying limit. (Oh yes, you need to reach the annual minimum spending limit of $6k (250k php) to be part of the Premier Club! :P)

This Premiere Club Card entitles the member to a Platinum discount.
10% off on selected concession items, Landmark items, liquor, and cigarettes. 5% on X and supermarket items. No discount on electronics.

Of course we had to take the opportunity! :P Ate’s Shu Uemura supply is already depleted so a trip was like, NECESSARY! :P It’s 1/3 off the price in Rustan’s. Also, our chocolate & junk food supply was quickly diminishing. So the other day after picking her up from school, we went to DFS for some tax-free shopping! m/

My beautiful girl (who can really pass for a model BTW!) pushing a cart-full of junk food & kung ano-ano lang! @_@
Who says money can’t buy you happiness! Just look at her 100 watt SMILE!!! :P
RL Polo BIG Pony $83 (3.5k php)
Bought my babyson his favorite fragrances.
He already has the 1 & 3 so these (2 & 4) completes his collection.
Comes with a nice bag too (free for every $150 & above purchase). Hoot hoot! m/
A BIG bottle costs 4.8k in Rustan’s.

          Shu Uemura Poreraser $37, Shu Uemura Skin Purifier $33 Comes with a free sampler bag! <3

Bought lots & lots of chocolate packs. $$$ And got this inflatable chair for free.
My Lovey has been eyeing this for her room every time we visit DFS, so I finally succumbed.
Promo: Free for every 2 $37 (1.5k php) M&M pasalubong pack
(or 2 colorful M&M umbrellas -see cart above, which I also got!) :P
My kids’ friends are always welcome in our humble home, so I make sure we have plenty of junk food in the house as treats.  Or when they need sugar rush after a long day of play haha. <3

It certainly was a “raped-wallet” kind of day (Aaaay, baka magalit si Jessica Soho!!!). WAIT!!! Let us re-phrase.. It was an emptied-wallet kind of day. (Better???) Look where we went just before coming to DFS! Mahirap palang nagagawi ng Maynila! :P

Clothes, shoes, and MORE clothes for my fashionista!!! @_@
Uhhhhm, YES. I believe money CAN buy you momentary happiness! ;))

Pero feel ko talaga, Jessica got angry because of the weight joke, pinalabas na lang na it was because of the rape joke para mas “gender sensitive”. Hello, magpaka-totoo na nohako rin naman ma-o-offend. Kahit pa ba totoo! :P Mag-“one at a timeba naman daw ang weighing scale pag-apak mo??? KALOKA! :P

Ay tama na at baka kung saan pa mapunta ang usapanmag-OOTD nalang ako! ;P

Basta ako, like what Marian Rivera said in her commercial.. BYU-DI-PUL! ;))

I was planning on visiting ate once a week in school & taking her out to lunch.. but on second thought, maybe once a month is enough. MAGASTOS, Lels-JK! :P

Oh. And I’d just like to say “HI” to ate’s friend & classmate KENG a.k.a KC Viray, who incidentally reads my blog through my dear Rosie ERIKA’s recommendation. (Hoot hoot!) m/ (Naku, magagalit na talaga si ate at chinika ko na ang buong buhay nya sa klasmeyts!) Thank you so much, pretty Keng, for taking the time from your busy studies to read my blog!! <3

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