Dusit Thani Sunday Brunch

The other day was our 17th wedding anniversary! <3 We tried out the cross-over sunday brunch in dusit hotel after our early morning worship service yesterday to celebrate…

We purposely skipped breakfast in preparation for this MEGA HAPPY MEAL!!! :))
1,800php a pop net, but they gave us discount for the 2 younger kids.
We were given these wrist tags for our cross-over buffet, how cute! :)
We were too early for the lunch buffet, so naturally, we hammed it up for the camera haha! ;))

We chanced upon this lovely lady playing an exotic instrument at the lobby..
My 3 cam whores hehe! ;))

We chose UMU as our base restaurant since we LOVE japanese food!!
Base restaurant is where you choose to dine. When you cross-over, you go to other restaurants 
to get your food, but you go back to your base restaurant to dine.
‘La lang.. pa-kwela! :))
We went crazy over their fresh sushi! Sushi is L-O-V-E!!! <3
We loved their sukiyaki station.
And their teppanyaki station! <3

Here’s my plate filled with fresh, crunchy prawns & tender, juicy steak!!! So takaw, haha!! :P
With the people I love in Umu.. just outside was a lovely koi pond. The atmosphere was so relaxing!
Our next stop, BENJARONG for their malaysian cuisine..
Pad thai noodles & Tom yum soup were on top of their menu list.
Man on stilts alert!!!
Dusit had a carnival-like atmosphere.
It made me happy! :)

On our way back to UMU with our plates, we stopped by the mocktails station at the lobby 
for free drinks, including sparkling wine. What a nice surprise! :)

(notice my babyson in a GQ pose, hahaha!!)Add caption

Our 3rd stop was BASIX restaurant that served international dishes.
Here they had dimsum, roast carvings, tempura, noodles, seafood & so many other yummy food!!
The trick in eating in buffets is to eat the expensive ones first so you get your money’s worth, haha!!
So My hunny & I got oysters baked to perfection!!
The kids however, attacked the dessert buffet.
When we came back to our table, our waiter had a complimentary anniversary cake waiting for us. How sweet! :)
Here’s to another 17×17 years.. and more!!! :-*
Our last stop-over was Tosca, their italian restaurant.
We were already so full at this time so we passed on the pasta station…
but couldn’t resist the mini pizzas! ;P

What’s nice about dusit thani is their open kitchens. They cook your food the way you like it, although of course there is the waiting time -which would have sucked if there happened to be a lot of guests! Luckily for us, there weren’t! :))

Before we left, my baby wanted to make some bead bracelets, also compliments of the hotel..

as well as glitter tattoos! :)
My Honey  & I lounged & sipped some sparkling wine while we waited for the kids.

Basically, the buffet in Dusit is like any other buffets in other hotels except that you have to walk around more in order to get to other cuisines. Unlike in other hotels like circles or spiral where they have all the food stations in one room.  If you’re in heels (like me), it’s kind of a bummer coz I had to carry my plates up & down the floors, in & around the lobby. But I guess it also helped to digest the food, haha!! ;P

All in all, we enjoyed our food experience in Dusit. The food was great, the people so attentive, charming & pleasant.

‘Til our next great food adventure! :)

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