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Jena & Me, Dusit Thani Manila Staycation Pt. 2

My Lovey is truly my mini-me. I have yet to determine if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing, lol! :P You should pray hard to find a man who will spoil you like crazy, Bae! As in start now na, hahaha!

For our staycation at Dusit Thani Manila, I asked my darling daughter if she wanted me to upgrade our stay to a Club Room to include all meals, or use the Wine & Dine breakfast discount of 1k each instead of the regular rate. She answered: none of the above. Room service daw all the way so we can eat leisurely in our jammies & stay in our room the whole morning. Abaaaaa, natututo ka na sa akin ha!


We both opted for the Waffle or Pancake Breakfast 750 php each.


Top of the mawnin’! Enjoyed the cross-over breakfast with my Bae. From my plate to hers, and from her plate to mine. :P #bestofbothworlds

The night before, we feasted on unlimited sushi & sashimi at Umu Japanese Restaurant. #dietwhatdiet



For PHP1,200 net per person, enjoy unlimited servings of Sushi, Sashimi, Maki and grilled items together with all you can drink beer, white & red wine or chilled juices. ‘Sushi Nights at Umu’ at Dusit Thani Manila is from Wednesdays through Saturdays, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 10% discount applies to Dusit Wine & Dine members. Reservations required, do call 238 8888.


Umu was our first love when it came to Japanese buffets in 5-star hotels.


Our only time to see Umu in a night setting. I love it! <3


If you’re a wine or beer drinker, the 1.2k/person is sulit, especially if you will stay long. Because it was hot due to the griller, I just had a glass each of the red & white. Tumiklop na ako after.


For non-alcoholic drinkers, Umu has mango or orange juice as your beverage of choice.


For the food, not the best deal, but still okay I guess. An order of sashimi is how much already, right? Just don’t expect too much & start looking for Uni & Octopus, you’ll be fine. ;) There are only 2 kinds of sashimi available. Salmon & tuna.


And 7 kinds of sushi.


Grilled pork, chicken, sausage, shrimps & fish on the station.


Vegetable fried rice.


Miso soup to start our dinner.


My lovely date enjoying her guilt-free dinner. She has lost 10 lbs. as of this writing (end of march), she’ll probably have lost more by the time this blog post is published (end of april). So proud of her determination. Ate has been a wonderful guide. If only I’d catch the health & fitness bug, lol.


My grilled platter with a side salad. I loved the Ponzu sauce (rightmost) best of all while my Bae preferred the teriyaki sauce (leftmost).

There was no dessert included, boo. BUT! My SIL gave me a bunch of WINE & DINE vouchers to go with our staycation that included a complimentary 2-lb cake.. YES! \m/

dusit-thani-manila-the -pantry-01

A whole cheesecake from The Pantry, happiness! The base was made from frosted flakes instead of the usual graham crackers so it was perfect. Chewy & not too sweet. And look at that take-out box.. which my Bae dropped on our way to the room. No worries, we had an instant upside down cake, lol!

For lunch the next day, we tried Benjarong Royal Thai Restaurant. Our second time, well not really since the first time we just had a selection from our crossover buffet -plus the station was placed outside. So yay, we were excited for lunch INSIDE at Benjarong! \m/


Dusit Thani Manila’s Benjarong is offering reasonable set lunch menus from Mondays through Saturdays, 12:00 noon to 2:30 p.m. Created for the busy executives and people who are always on the go, diners may choose from the different selections that will satisfy ones palate.


Benjarong opens at exactly 12 noon so we chilled at the lounge just outside for a couple of minutes.



My first time inside Benjarong. Sooooo pretty! <3 An elderly thai receptionist seated us. Now that’s what you call authentic. ;))


Shining shimmering splendidly beautiful! <3 I’m in love. Will definitely go back with the fambam in tow.


Again, thanks to my SIL’s Wine & Dine voucher, 2 sparkling white wine on the house. Cheers! \m/


We had the intent of going for the Executive lunch (feeling executive, lol!) but then, the many choices on the menu had us drooling & changed our minds haha. Scrap that!


Instead, we went for Tord Man Gung 495 php (Shrimp cake), Yam Pla Duk Foo 390 php (the YUMMIEST Catfish salad), and Pad Thai Gung Sod 590 php (Wok fried rice noodle with prawn & tamarind sauce) for our appetizers.


For the main, you gotta try this uber delicious Phad Phak Khana Moo Krob 280 php (Stir fried Chinese broccoli leaves with crispy pork). It is THE BOMB! The Kaeng Phed Ped Yang Sam Ros 360 php (Roasted duck in red curry) was so-so but the sauce called for extra EXTRA rice! :P


WHat’s inside: (L) Tord Man Gung (shrimp cake), and (R) Kaeng Phed Ped Yang Sam Ros (Duck curry).


My pretty date. I love spending time with my not-so-little one. <3


Khao Niao Mamuang 170 php (Ripe mango with sticky rice) & Khanom Tako 140 php (Sweet water chestnut and coconut cream in pandan cup).

Alas, our staycation had to come to an end after a late checkout at 2 pm. But at least there’s Kap & the older kids to look forward seeing! ‘Til our next adventure. ;)

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Puro lang talaga kami angal, but the kids enjoyed their trip with their dad. ;) Thank you Honey for taking care of their adventurous side, you really can’t rely on me for that, lol!

PicMonkey Collage

My snore is music to his ears HAHAHA! :P Magkaintindihan na tayo ngayon Kap, BAWAL ka mag-book ng titirahan sa summer trip natin okay? B-A-W-A-L!!! @_@

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