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Duck & Buvette

I love it when Ate has only 1-2 hour periods in school coz it means I get to go with her, wait for a while, then have our sister date! <3 Nothing beats girl power where we can stuff our faces & just be downright silly with each other. Gossip, rant, and rave in between mouthfuls.

A couple of weeks ago, she had to go to school for 2 hours to take a quick test then she was free, so we had lunch at DUCK & BUVETTE located at the 2nd floor of the Main/Old Wing of Shangri-La Mall.

Duck & Buvette, a Casual French Bistro & Bakery inspired by French Countryside Cuisine using handpicked ingredients specializes in, you guessed it.. QUACKS DUCKS. And of course BUVETTES (french counterpart for the spanish Tapas) which are small plates and starters. They’re apperizers made for tasting and sharing.

The re-invented Duck & Buvette (15-year old former Cafe Provencal) is a brainchild of 3 people -2 of who are Bryan Chua and Chef Jacq Tan, who think French Food should be for everyone. And I can actually say in all honesty that this is the first french restaurant where I came out FULL & happy! They don’t serve the usual hoity-toity fine french dining where all you get is a teensy weensy sexy bite -2 at the most, on a bed of a beautifully plated formal meal & you’re through. :P (Well, of course unless you order the Buvettes. Then that’s a whole different thing.) Plus, I can actually read AND understand what’s on the menu! #sorryforthemillionparenthesis



My angel on wheels. I always get amazed how such a wonderful, beautiful being came from plain old me. <3


Duck & Buvette

2/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Main Wing, Shaw Blvd. Wack Wack, Mandaluyong(02) 631-0675

Duck & Buvette features sleek interiors, modern feel, pale wood furnishings, and monochromatic patterned tiles.


Trivia.. Duck & Buvette has eight menu items that have duck in them. These are: Twice Fried Duck Fat Potatoes, Crispy Potato Pavé & Salty Duck Egg, Jacq’s Duck Rillette, D&B Croque Madame, Duck Pie & Shaved Foie Gras, D&B Egg Sandwich, Duck Ragu Pappardelle, and the D&B Crispy Half Duck Confit. They also use the duck fat in other dishes to enhance the flavor.


Another star of Duck & Buvette are their Sourdough Pizzas.





I just love the french-inspired wall & cozy couches I can sink my weary bum into. désolé. :P


Because we’re gals with big appetites, we skipped the Buvettes and went on directly to the Duck. The thing with duck is, you can’t have a whole serving all to yourself.. unless you wanna pass out from all that cholesterol. Besides, it’s nakakaumay, so Ate & I shared half a quack. #hatingkapatid (60/40)

Duck is a particularly succulent meat, primarily because of its high fat content. While duck offers a plentitude of nutritional value, including healthy fats, protein, minerals and vitamins, it is high in unhealthy saturated fat and cholesterol.




D&B Crispy Half Duck Confit 980 php. House specialty of half duck confit served with whole grain mustard, reduced balsamic sauce, ratatouille duck rice and cranberry carrot sides.


Can I just say? 1.) It’s not a malnourished duck. That’s for sure. 2.) It’s so tender, juicy & fall off the bone. The skin is crisp. This gets 5 oinks from me definitely. Ate & I were simultaneously nodding our heads as we were eating and a hushed & awed silence transpired as we chewed our food with eyes closed.


Ate doesn’t normally eat rice. But this ratatouille duck rice, she FINISHED the whole bowl. That’s how good it is.


So of course she didn’t have room anymore for this beautiful Café Provencal Sourdough Pizza 450 php. Tomato, caper, olive, shrimp, Parma, bacon, garlic, mozzarella. Voila, instant pasalubong for the siblings. ;)


What she did have room for, was this Macaron Ice Cream 190 php. In beautiful colors too!





This Raspberry Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich was clearly our favourite. In taste & in color.


I promise. A bite is all it takes for you to get hooked. <3


See, the problem with just Ate & me being on a date is we are restricted from ordering more & trying the other dishes because our tummies can only handle so much. We should go back with the rest of the fambam to really get in the nick of things & see (taste) what else Duck & Buvette has to offer.

Is there a part 2? Abangan! :P


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