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DreamPlay by DreamWorks, City of Dreams

The GOppets are BIG kids. Really, we are all juveniles at heart maybe that’s why we get along so famously because we like silly adventures & we like to do them together. <3

The last time we visited CITY OF DREAMS, we saw an ad for DreamPlay, and ever since, we have eagerly anticipated its opening. 2 weeks ago, we tried, but were a day shy of its official launch so we went to Ocean Park instead (separate post to follow).

The other day, we finally pinned the tail on the donkey! DreamPlay is like a mini Universal Studios smack right in Manila!


City of Dreams Manila is unlike anything you have experienced before. Envision a world of exhilarating gaming spaces, world-class dining experiences, plush accommodations, and awesome play. (PR)



DreamPlay represents an exciting blend of integrated live and digital play spaces, featuring DreamWorks’ popular characters and creative storytelling combined with innovative educational play.

DreamPlay, City of Dreams Manila

Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, Entertainment City, Parañaque 1701, Manila, Philippines

+632 800 8080
+632 890 8080

Kids, regardless of the number of hours on their tickets, can play with ALL the activities inside Dreamplay within their time frame. Meaning if they avail of the 2 hours, they can play with ALL the activities within the 2 hour time limit. Adults on the other hand, if you want to play along, you have to pay the KIDS RATE. Meaning if you get a 2-hour pass (limited to 2 activities for adults: 4D movie & Library) but want to upgrade so you can also play with all the activities, you just pay the difference between the Kids’ rate & the Adults rate to qualify.



Click to enlarge.


Note: Visitors ages 15 & above pay adult price which is limited to 2 hours inside & 2 interactive play (The 4-minute 4D movie, and library privilege). If you want to cover ALL areas, get the KIDS RATE (unlimited activity). Also, you NEED to be accompanied by a person 18 years old & below to be allowed entry (ID needed). Adult visitors with no kids aged 18 & below will NOT be granted entry. Credit cards are accepted. FYI.

For example:

Adult = 2 hour pass which includes only TWO activities (4D movie & Library). 210 php.

Child = 2 hour pass UNLIMITED activity 380 php.

Child wants adult to accompany her in an activity. Adult pays an additional 170 to upgrade & be able to play with the child in ALL activities.



While queueing to pay for your tickets, you will be entertained by the jungle gym up above called the THREAD OF ENLIGHTENMENT. Make sure you come in proper attire: stretchy pants, rubber shoes, comfy shirt.



It was quite a long wait, not because of the number of people lined up, but because of the system. They were taking down personal details of every individual & storing photos as well into their computer system. Plus there were only 2 lanes, so it took us more than an hour before getting to the counter & buying our tickets in spite of having just around 20 people ahead of us. Then another 10 minutes as they asked us personal details (name, birthday, address, movie number) & encoded them into their computer data. They seriously need to do something about this. It’s causing a hold up & delay. A waiver is given to parents to sign for kids below 18.



Good thing my kids know how to amuse themselves as I lined up! :P Yes my darling babyson we get it. We are short & well below the marker! :P


The GREEN tag is for adults & the RED tag is for kids. Adults may upgrade at any time if you find the green tags bitin after a while. Tags will be returned to DreamPlay at the end of your stay. You may check the remaining time on your bracelets at the souvenir station. Time in excess of what you paid for warrants extra pay so do be diligent.



Every corner is a Kodak moment so I suggest you make sure your batteries are full -with a backup, and memory card empty. Kap must have taken more than 100 photos in the 2 hours we were inside!



THREAD OF ENLIGHTENMENT. The kids weren’t properly attired (again, you need stretchy pants & rubber shoes. And bring extra clothes because you will sweat. For sure.) so even though I was willing to get them ticket upgrades, they couldn’t join in on the fun. Oh well, there’s always a next time. ;)



WALL OF DESPAIR. Kids who are fond of wall climbing will enjoy this activity.



THE FURIOUS FIVE ACADEMY. Join in the Kung Fu Panda Dojo and become a Kung Fu master alongside Po and The Furious Five! Ready your Fists of Fury and prepare to kick the dumplings out of your enemies as you train with these KFP legends. Who knows, you may even become the next Dragon Warrior! Similar to Dance Revo & you get points for your dance moves.



STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. Climb your way to the top one long pole at a time. The rappel down after you’ve reached the top. Boys will surely love this activity. Even Kap wanted to try. But when told that he had to upgrade his ticked, nagka-rayuma bigla & feigned achy joints haha! :P



HOW TO FLY YOUR DRAGON. Build your own flying dragon and make it “fly” through the tracks (metal bars on top). Join Hiccup on his quest to find dragons of all shapes and sizes. You’ll search Hiccup’s collection of hand crafted dragon parts to create your own unique dragon and fly it! Will your dragon be able to move like a Gronckle or soar like a Speed Stinger?



DREAM STUDIO. Make and direct your own animated movie at this attraction. Out of all the attractions I think this is the pinaka-sulit for your money. I felt bad that Ate who is so artistic, didn’t get to experience this. Maybe next time around.



HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. Hyperactive kids will love going through the maze, climbing, crawling, sliding, and screaming (the slide is scary!).



My loves had a blast releasing the inner kids in them! :P




WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT. The Penguins of Madagascar need your help to create a sound seafaring vessel! Joining Skipper, Private, Rico, and Kowalski on their next operation, you will not only assemble your very own boat, you’ll also sail it down river! But be careful! There just may be a few obstacles along the way. Meanwhile, be a pilot aboard the Madagascar plane on the 2nd floor. ;)



I could post on Instagram all day long with all the cuteness levels here, except you’d probably unfollow me, lels.



On a limited budget? You don’t have to get the DAY PASS. You can stick to the 2-hour or 4-hour pass & still enjoy ALL activities provided you buy the KIDS RATE! 4 hours should be plenty of time.






DREAMTALES, a library with a beanstalk. How cute is that! <3



A 4-minute 4-D movie, Almost Home, at THE DREAM THEATRE. Expect a gust of wind & a shower of water as you watch along with your 3D glasses.





The GOppets at play. <3 I’m so blessed to have a family that enjoys playing together.



I was pleasantly surprised to see a fast-food area serving a variery of good food. Not your ordinary mediocre servings from the usual fast-food jaunts.





Go crazy this summer with all these yummy ice cream flavors & toppings! <3



I was particularly enamoured with my Margherita Pizza 380 php which I shared with Ate. Good stuff! <3 Kap’s Special Ingredient Noodle Soup 320 php & My babyson’s Honey BBQ Chicken Strips 280 php.



My Lovey’s Grilled Chicken Burger 320 php & my Kap playing with our food! :P




Make sure you also visit upstairs! We almost missed this. After the rough & tumble downstairs, parents will appreciate some quiet time as their kids draw & paint without the mess in cool comfort.





SHREK’S SWAMP STOMP. Get ready for an ogre the top experience as you tour Shrek’s swamp house. Shrek is home to greet you, but he can’t seem to find his keys and needs your help to look for them. Just be sure to stay away from his outhouse or you just might get an unpleasant surprise.



Kap & I were so tired that we fell asleep on Shreks giant chair, lels! What a fun Tree House!



And of course, no theme park is without a souvenir shop luring all kids in to buy toys, toys, and more toys that will just collect dust once bought! :P




They are not immune to the cuteness!



An education-based, interactive entertainment concept, DreamPlay has physical challenges that will test the balance, hand-eye coordination, bravery and creativity of kids while keeping them safe & active this summer. All interactive stations were designed exclusively for City of Dreams Manila by DreamWorks Animation and iP2 Entertainment.

At DreamPlay, take your brood for a day of fun and Play, Create, Learn. <3

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