Dream On.. Dream Away!

The superfriends.. or rather the SUPERFRIENDS, INC. have officially gone cuckoo! ;)) The men took us to Calatagan yesterday to show us a beach property they are eyeing for their Toys for the Big Boys project! @_@


Thiz iz eet! Pag natuloy, wala nang solian ng kandila hehe. Our status will be shifting from “single” to “for better or worse”! Are we ready for this??? ;)

The men are such lovers of the sea that they are seriously contemplating on investing in a 450 square meter beachfront property in Calatagan…

Kuya Rolly is already thinking of where to park his speedboat! ;) 
Eyeing the property line. 
You know what they say about the necks controlling the heads.
Yes, we wives are the necks! ;)) 
The heads (who think they are in control). LEL!
It really is a fantastic view.
4 families into 1 property? RAMBOL yan! ;)) 
The ladies giving their stamp of approval.. COULD IT BE??? :) 
Ate Marita is already thinking of what plants to grow haha.
As for me.. just put me in a room with an airconditioner & I’m good to go! ;P 
View from the road.
It’s beach front/Road front. Really a steal actually. The problem is the moolah! :))

The property is really worth considering. The million dollar question is.. can we afford it? Lol! ;P We needed to put much thought & consideration into this.. so we headed to Leslie’s in tagaytay for some serious eating, I mean meeting! ;))

Leslie’s in Tagaytay is HUGE.

This is the back area overlooking the mountains & the lovely view of the lake.
Individual nipa huts where you can opt to dine in if you find the restaurant too noisy.
The weather was PURRFECT! Great for cuddling up to your hunny bunny! <3
EATING, I mean MEETING session! :) 
Complimentary bulalo soup (without the bulalo, LOL!) 
Sizzling Squid
Fried Bangus 
I don’t know what this is hehe. 
Crispy Pata
The supermen..
and the superladies. Seriously, we’ve got to come up with a better group name! :))

Incidentally, Jojo & Judith were also celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary that day. Happy anniversary guys, and thank you for treating us to a lovely, tummy-filling lunch! <3

Congratulations to the couple who were made for each other! <3

My hunny couldn’t sleep last night. He kept turning & tossing in bed. I guess he was toooo excited haha. Guess who else wasn’t able to sleep!

Jojo finished the plan in 1 night & 1 sitting. GRABE!

OMG. Wala na yatang atrasan ito! :P Wish us luck guys. And plenty of money na rin please hahaha.

A couple of colorful vespas.. for our romantic moonlight ride on the beach! ;))
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