Double Feature

Kap & my Babyson went off to Batangas with the other SF boyz to celebrate Judith’s birthday weekend. We girls have had enough of the beach so we opted to stay at home & chillax instead. I thought long & hard about this.. for 19 years, Kap & I always ALWAYS slept on one bed. We have never been apart. Even when I was in the hospital for the birth of my 3 babies, he was beside me, pwet-to-pwet talaga kami. So even though I hated the beach with a passion, I mulled about my decision for the longest time. Katamaran over romance won out in the end. Bye-bye Kap. Have fun without me! :P

Since ate had to study all day for her tests, my Lovey & I decided to take in a double feature the yesterday. Bahala na kung maduling kami. It’s better than staying at home pining for the love of my life. :P

I read in certain press releases that California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) brought back old time favorites, so I eagerly invited my baby girl to an early supper before our double feature since I’ve missed the Peking Duck Pizza big time.
Unfortunately, they’ll start serving their vintage pizzas starting July 1 pa, so we settled for other CPK favorites nalang..
Singapore Shrimp Rolls 295 php
Original Chopped BBQ Salad (half) 375 php
Original BBQ chicken Pizza (Regular) 375 php
My forever shadow. <3

Compromising on what movie to watch, we each selected the movie that we wanted to watch for our date & settled for these 2. Heat was also showing but we figured we’ll wait until everyone is available so we can all watch it together.

Jeje movie for mommy
and this cartoon flick for my baby love.
THE HEAT is also showing now (not july 31).
This falls under a “mutual agreement” category, but we will wait for everyone to be available so we can watch it together.

We finished late, so not many restaurants were open save for Crisostomo’s & the Bistro Group of restaurants (which we’ve had too much of lately :P).  We were allowed to order just desserts since they were closing, so we had some to go, and just settled for a Mc Spicy for a late night snack.

Kapitan Tika (Mais con Hielo) 85 php
My sweet sweet girl! <3 
Iday & Choleng (Suman & Churros) 180 php each.

To see Jin’s much better, sexier version of the McSpicy ad, CLICK HERE! ;))

The McSpicy sandwich 80 php
Not as spicy as KFC’s Zinger though. Yun talagang napapaiyak ako.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Kaya maghanda si Kapitan pagbalik nya mamaya. LAGOT SYA!!! Baloooot??? ;))

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