Double Date

I was feeling BLUE yesterday, Boo! :( And that’s very uncommon for jolly old me. My babyson begged & pleaded to be allowed to go to a 2-day retreat with his class until he was RED in the face (& I was PURPLE with rage). TWO WHOLE FRIGGIN’ DAYS! @_@ This is the first time he’s going to be away from my bosom for THAT long -I feel like I can’t breathe.. And that’s not being O.A. ha. I really feel that the air gets sucked out of me whenever the kids are away for far too long. They truly are the air I breathe! :'((

Initially, I was sticking to my guns of not allowing him to go even though ALL (and I mean ALL) his classmates were going. But ate (THE CULPRIT) talked me into letting my babyson go. >:( And once I said the “magic word”, I couldn’t take it back, to my chagrin. For days before his final departure, I’ve been going nuts with separation anxiety. I over packed his bags with emergency things he might need & thought of the worst possible scenarios! I would have packed the whole house if he’d let me, hehe!

Very happy to get away from his mum! :(
Even my Jela is SAD. Look, naghatid pa talaga! :'((

But ate is right. My babyson is turning 15 years old. I can’t keep him tied to my apron this long. He’s a boy & I need to give him breathing space, room to grow & seek adventure -or he will surely resent me. My girls were easy, a little drama from momma & I get my way, securing them to my side whenever the topic of sleepovers come up. But my boy? Boy is he different! He can’t wait to get away from me. When I asked him WHY he felt he needed to go, he said “I NEED A CHANGE OF SCENERY”. Talaga lang ha? May ganon?!?

So my hunny arranged for an “outing” in MOA yesterday with our dear kuya Rolly & ate Marita so I don’t go crazy in my room, biting my fingernails to extinction -worse, texting & calling my babyson every hour. Even HE can sense I was sad & desperate haha. Fine, I told him.. I’ll do my CHRISTmas shopping then, that always takes away the blues. :P

Kuya Rolly’s spanking new car.. amoy bago pa talaga! m/
Wow, it’s so SARAP to sit at the back for once and have someone drive us around hehe.
I could get used to this lifestyle! :P

Reminds me of the days when our BFFs picked us up for double dates huhu/
We miss you Hitler & Marina! :'(( 

Happy passengers haha! :)
Yakimix, home of the cheapest buffet! :P
550 per person ONLY on weekdays, including bottomless drinks! m/ 
We got there at 11 a.m. & they just opened, so the place wasn’t jam-packed at all.
A few minutes later though, a mad dash of people started coming in.
So much for peace & quiet haha.
I still prefer yakimix to Vikings & Buffet 101.
Those are mega commercialized & really too many people to deal with coz of the huge seating capacity.

And the servers were REALLY nice, even the manager pitched in when the crowd started coming.
They were still very attentive & kept re-filling our drinks in spite of the hoards of peeps.
(Although ate M said they were just filling our stomachs with soda so we don’t get to eat a lot, haha!)

Sushi & Sashimi station 
Salad station
Dessert station.. I LOVED the leche flan. Ho-hum to the rest though.
And I enjoyed their ice cream bar assortments, I must have eaten 3 sticks haha.
I wanted halo-halo but alas, my stomach could only hold so much! :P
Hot dish station.
I passed this & concentrated on the raw meats to cook at our table.
Oooooh!! KIMCHI! <3
Sukiyaki Station 
Raw Meats. We kept coming back for more.
There’s just something about newly-cooked food.
More dessert station.
And my favorite of all! The ice drop cooler hehe! :P
My uber-full sushi plate! ;))
I got excited, okay?!? :P 
My raw meats.. MAKE SURE you get different sauces k?
Dessert. I super kaduper ENJOYED the flan!
Our new ka-double date couple.
Ate Marita & Kuya Rolly.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these 2 peeps! <3 <3 <3
Just look.. my jowl is getting rounder & rounder everyday. Yikes! ;))
Thank you so much for inviting us to go on a double date with you ate & kuya.
We enjoyed our day so much, and we just love you so!!! :-*
Just look at how much I enjoyed my day out haha. Kept me from brooding over my babyson! :) MOA is THE BEST place to shop EVAH! m/ Forever 21, Uniqlo & Cotton On all under one roof. Kulang na lang? H&M! Hindi na kailangan mag-hongkong! ;))
3 bags full of pasalubongs for my tadpoles!! <3
Even on a double date, THEY still come first! :P
And because I miss him so much.. I went crazy shopping for my babyson! <3
Uniqlo is really nice for basic, sturdy, comfy stuff. They have very comfy lounge & SEAMLESS underwears. Sometimes when you’re really really lucky you may just chance upon “LIMITED OFFERS” like the lounge sets I got for the girls which were slashed from 990 to 590. I was also able to get my babyson a nice black cardigan here for 1,990. (yes, IKR -they like their price ending in 90 haha!)  

Now if you’re REALLY into fashion, girly/kikay stuff, then FOREVER 21 is JUST FOR YOU! ;)) From head to toe PLUS more, this store MOST DEFINITELY has it! Not a lot of selection for guys though. This is TRULY a girl’s haven! <3
If you like clothes on a budget, COTTON ON always has good deals.I was able to buy 2 pairs of shoes for my babyson at 600 php each, WHAT A STEAL right? But not ALL items here are exactly cheap though. Like ate’s cardi was 1,8k. And jeans for my 2 girls were almost 2k each. Baseball shirts were 2 for 1,200 php. This store is mostly a mixture of high-end & low-end stuff. It depends on which one tickles your fancy. :)

Thank you ate Marita & Kuya Rolly for a very lovely fun-filled shopping day. I look forward to more double dates with or new fun couple! <3 Mwah! :-*

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