Double (Birthday) Surprise!

My Lovey just loves her friends! :) So much that she always plans surprise birthday bashes for them. See HERE, and HERE.

This time, it was a double celebration because the first 2 friends she ever had in her life were celebrating their birthdays 1 day apart. So she thought of making it double the fun. Hence the GO PARTY CENTRAL! ;))

I’m so blessed with having kids who love to give surprises & parties for their friends. It’s shows their caring, loving & nurturing side, so I encourage them to do so. Kahit na magkalabu-labo sila sa maliit naming bahay!

My Lovey has been busy since 2 weeks ago planning & placing orders so that everything will be perfect for the people she loves. She ordered double of everything..

We got the 8×12  mocha & vanilla cakes for the cake fight.
Silly Strings from Ace Hardware 200 php each
Party Poppers 60 php each from National Book Store
The food (meryenda):
Sandwich Platter (Rectangular Tray Big, for 10-12 pax) from Almon Marina 1,230 php
Rainbow Cake 1,350 php from SOPHIE’s MOM 02-8564849
SM Southmall
Why so many cakes, you ask? Well, the GO kids have been known to throw a mean cake fight, so we needed plenty of thick, creamy, greasy icing and cakes for that to work out! m/ See the surprised look on the girls’ faces -priceless! :)
Say.. SUPRISE!!! :)
The 2 girls really didn’t have an inkling to this surprise party. Congratulations, my Lovey, for pulling it off!!! m/
An afternoon picnic perfect for little ladies! <3
And because my Lovey simply LOVES to give surprise upon surprise upon surprise, she gave away 2 SURPRISE prizes. For whoever had the MOST cake on her body, and another for the one who had the LEAST cake. What girl doesn’t love topshop??? <3 My Lovey was adamant that everybody goes home happy!
I swear, we need a bigger back yard! ;))
Maxine’s parents graciously prepared lootbags for the little ladies. They may be dalagas in form, but they are still kids at heart & they LOVED the uber cute lootbags their tita Faye lovingly prepared for them! Can their day get any better? ;)
They splashed about to their hearts’ content with the new pool toys purchased specially for this occasion..
Dapat pala yung bangka nalang ni Kap ang nilagay ko dito haha.
Yes, the mermaid tail made an appearance, can you see it? ;))
By dinnertime, they were still hyper. Walang kapaguran ang mga bagets. My mistake was replenishing their waning energy with more carbs & sugar. Ayan, labu-labo na talaga! ;))
Ay nabuking! Chinese talaga kami.. may plastic pa! ;))
My Lovey specified sliders, and not regular sized burgers coz her friends had dainty appetites.
So Kap ordered baby buns. In fairness nag-eyffort din ang daddy! ;))
And birthday spaghetti daw, the sweet kind with ground beef & hotdogs.
Onli in da pilipines! ;))
My Lovey also found these Happy Birthday light-up glasses in True Value at 400 php each.
I. WANT. ONE. TOO. !!!
I finally left them as they were opening gifts & presents. Mommy’s job was done -I could finally rest my back. The girls were happy, and best of all, my Lovey was happy. That alone was worth the backache & the stress of the preparations. Those beautiful smiles are priceless, don’t you agree?
Happy happy birthday, girls! <3 I can never thank you enough for loving my baby, and being her loyal friends for over 8 years! I hope that your friendship will continue even when you’re old & gray. May you grow up to be sugar, spice, and everything that’s nice. We love you!!! :-*
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