Don’t Say Goodbye

Finally got to send our pups off to good homes. It’s been a good 4 months but our home is just too small for 3 dogs. The queen alone takes up too much of our love & attention that it’s not fair for just handouts for the 2 young ones. They deserve a whole lot of lovin’ & we made sure they were going to great families.

Daddy with Jack & Jill <3

It was Kap & the kids’ decision to have my dear Jela mated. They wanted puppies, and puppies they got. What they didn’t realize was that puppies need A LOT of time & attention. They were so used to the laid back Jela who slept when we slept, and still slept even when we were wide awake! :P I swear, she only gets up from our bed to eat, then she goes back to our bed & sleeps. With the puppies, our life was in constant chaos. They were biting everything in sight. Pooping & peeing everywhere, our carpets have had to be washed so many times that Kap gave up & put a plastic sheet over everything wettable. My European furniture has been gnawed & scratched, foams on Italian seats bitten & exposed. I finally called for a general meeting & declared that our house can only take so much. The puppies had to go.

A very pregnant Lelly. So kawawa. :'(

The all-white Hill with his new mommah. <3
He was the handsomest of all. And was the first pick for our puppy sharing deal.


After getting their reluctant approval, we put up the ads on a Saturday in our village. By Monday, both puppies were sold. Even I was amazed at how quick it was. The kids didn’t even get to say goodbye. </3 Sorry, mukhang pera ang nanay nila. I accepted the payment before the buyers could change their minds! :P



The first one went to a foreigner family. It’s always pleasant dealing with foreigners, walang tawad-tawad. The moment they laid eyes on Jill & fell in love, they paid up front & took her home.


Jill took on to her new owner the way a fish takes to water. It’s best to buy puppies at this stage as they adjust easily.
Give them plenty of TLC & they forget their real mommah.
They grow so fast. The puppies are 4 months old here, almost as big as their mommah.
It’s a good thing they got sold when they did. Otherwise we would have had to keep them forever!

It’s with us Pinoys that takes kabaratan to the next level. Grabe makatawad. All excuses & kapintasan are laid out on the table but in the end, bibilhin din naman pala. :P

Jack finally got sold to dear Grampa. I know he too is in good hands & will be greatly loved.

Jack will be the perfect companion to his new lolo.
Jill has a very active, alpha personality so she would be fine with her new owner who is into sports & leads a very active lifestyle.
Jack on the other hand is more of a follower & more docile between the 2.
They couldn’t have found a better match! m/


The condition the kids gave me before I got them to agree to the sale was: 1.) No cage 2.) AAV resident so they can still visit the puppies. Check on both counts. So don’t be sad my babies, it’s not even goodbye. Instead, it’s “see you later” coz they are just around the corner you know.


As for our dear Lelly, she’s a bit sad & a little heart-broken that her babies are gone.. but she remains, unbeatably, the queen of the house! :P


Her playmates are gone, and Jela is understandably depressed.
But with a lot of TLC from her family who loves her like crazy, she’ll be fine.


Grabe maka-lambing sa tatay niya eh! :P


Si daddy naman OA maka-rough play! Ginawang barbell! :( Kawawang Lelly!

Dear Jack & Jill, thank you for coming into our lives. Enjoy your new families & serve them well. Enjoy too your new “chew toys” & unsoiled Persian carpets! To the new owners, Good luck! Give us a holler if you want the plastic sheets we’ll send them right over. ;))

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