Don Limone

Discovering Bf paranaque is like discovering a whole new world! ;P So many hole in the wall places to try. Like Don Limone.

They have ample parking space on the vacant lot beside the restaurant.
The outside doesn’t look too inviting OR appealing as is most Bf restaurants.
But you already know what they say about judging a books’ cover! ;)


Ate has been harping about this place since she saw a friend repeatedly post several mouth-watering food pictures on instagram.

So yesterday, after school (yes, the 2 younger kids had school that saturday. Can you believe it?!? aaaargh I HATE THEIR SCHOOL!!!) & a quick shower coz they STANK to high heavens, we went on another friedtrip to BF to try out this very interesting mediterranean-cum-italian eatery.

I almost didn’t want to go in when I saw the place. It’s really not much to look at from the outside. Parang suddenly I didn’t want to be Dora the Explorer anymore teehee. But parking was plentiful. And walking in, my outlook started to change & I got excited (I know, I’m too excitable! ;P).

Location: 199 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, 1720 Parañaque
Hours: Tue – Sun: 5:00 pm – 12:00 am / Open for lunch on weekends.
Call prior to be sure: 02-3451803
Peek-a-boo! ;))
My kids went ahead, beckoning & cajoling me to follow them in when I hesitated haha.
They are SOOOOOO cute!!! Of course I will follow them just about ANYWHERE!<3
Outdoor seating.
Not during lunchtime please. I SHALL MELT! ;))
I decided to give it a try when I saw the inside.
It was warm & inviting, and actually looked like a fun place (especially at night, if I were to base it on all those wine display haha). 
The husband & wife chef tandem.
Betty (in stripes), I learned, was in charge of the dessert. While Allen (covered) got the meats cookin’! ;)
O diba? Usisera talaga ako???
Oooooohhhh I wanna try their Apple Pie Cheesecake next time! m/
Most restaurants in Bf are homes converted into business establishments, and this too was one. So don’t expect the restaurant to be big. More like 25-seat capacity indoors & another 10 outdoors, which makes it relaxed, cozy & intimate. The decor inside was cute & the music was apt. It was noticeably empty though. As I said, it’s a hole in the wall establishment & out of the way so maybe that’s the reason why it was empty.
If you’re in the South & looking for someplace different to eat at (read: mediterranean/Italian fusion, relaxed, not in the mall, no-stress parking), you should definitely give Don Limone a try.

Up the stairs going to the restrooms.. which we shall not talk about! ;)

I find it more of a “DATE” place (the inside part lang ha!) coz it was dark & romantic even in the middle of the day, than a family-dining place. First of all, food was kinda pricey -so if your kids (like mine) inhale their food like there was no tomorrow, this is NOT the place haha. Second, they have nice wine pairings & selection which is always a plus when you take someone out on a date (wink). Aircon was fighting the glaring sun outside though even with the february breeze, so maybe at night it’s cooler & better.
My happy but hungry gators! <3
Eager to see what Don Limone has in store for them.. or lagot na naman si mommy! @_@
Complimentary garlic bread.
Gone in 2 seconds! Boy were my kids hungry! ;))
Hummus en Fuego 165 php, roasted garlic hummus topped with hot peppers, extra virgin olive oil, feta cheese, fresh herbs and olives.
Sorry but I really found this bland for my taste. Or maybe I’m just used to too much seasoning haha.
My Lamb Shank Casablanca & Couscous 495 php.
Slow braised lamb shank in chardonnay-date sauce over pistachio raisin rice with coucous.
Okay, a side story. Our server, maybe still sleepy or maybe new, didn’t get my Lovey’s order. So on top of the 40-50 minute wait for our food to come, we waited another 30 minutes for my Lovey’s order to arrive. (Hey, cooking is an art.) Being a good mommy, I didn’t touch my food until my Lovey’s was served as well. So I was really disappointed not being able to eat my lamb piping hot (lambs SHOULD BE eaten hot. Malansa na pag malamig). There’s something about eating your food hot that gives extra pogi points to your gastronomic experience. Moral lesson of the story: LISTEN to the server when she repeats your order! My poor baby, she was the hungriest among all of us, having come straight from her pre-camp ordeal in school. :((
Moving on..
Ate’s Blackberry BBQ jumbo shrimp braciola.
+50 points for presentation & effort! m/
It too A WHILE (a looooonnnnggg while) for our main meals to be served but you really have to appreciate the end product. <3
And Don Limone isn’t a fastfood after all, so patience really is needed when fine dining.

My advice is to get several appetizers if you’re really hungry. Those come out in a jiffy.
Or to order wine if you’re out on a date to sip gingerly as you whisper sweet nothings to each other while waiting for your food to arrive. ;P

The prawns were really huge & sulit.
My babyson’s Braciola (all-meat) 395 php
He finished every single morsel so it must have been good! ;)
My poor Lovey’s Pork Tenderloin Braciola 395 php
Sorry darling, mommy didn’t pay attention. </3 Thank you for being such a good girl though. 

Now this is what I call HEAVENLY cheesecake! m/
Allen (the owner) says his Filipina wife BETTY makes ALL the yummy cheesecakes! <3

I would DEFINITELY go back for more of her cheesecakes!
I wanted to try the more exotic-sounding ones but since I was sharing with the 3 kiddos, I decided to go for the sure thing & juts go back for more next time! A REASON.. YAY!! ;)

New York Cheesecake 205.00
Bailey’s Irish Cream 245.00
Strawberry Swirl 225.00
Tiramisu Cheesecake 235.00
Chocolate Supreme 215.00
Mango Melange 225.00
Kahlua Coffee Liquor 245.00
Amaretto Disaronno 245.00
Pina Colada 235.00
Peachy Primo 225.00
Blueberry White Chocolate 255.00
Pomegranate Raspberry 255.00
Apple Pie Cheesecake with Ice Cream 295.00

With the owner, Allen.
Syempre, feeling totoong blogger na ako hehe so I take my blogging seriously now & report THOROUGHLY! ;))
Too bad Betty was busy. I’ll try to get a photo op with her the next time we visit.

And speaking of blogging, THANK YOU dear readers for putting me on the Top 30 slot of TOPBLOGS.COM.PH! and for valuing me & my family. I have received so many heartwarming comments that made me so happy & touched! Huwag sana kayo magsawa to read my posts -it’s what keeps me inspired & going! <3

and now #30!! YAY!!!
Never in my WILDEST DREAMS did I think I’d reach 30! <3
This is probably just a fluke. But I’m still soooo happy to have reached 30 ONCE in my lifetime haha.

Of course, A BIG thank you also to Fran & Jin for the boost, I am so overwhelmed by your kindness & generosity! I will FOREVER be grateful to you!!! <3 <3 <3

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