Don Henrico’s

Like I said, my hunny went out on a date AGAIN with his mommy dearest. So I saw a chance for me & the 3 kids to have dinner out & give our helpers a break since they’ve been busy the whole day preparing for my garage sale tomorrow -time for “spring cleaning” & de-cluttering! ;)

It’s been a long time since we ate at Don Henrico’s, so we decided to drop by for a visit! We just love their onion rings & buffalo wings, even though the garlic dip gives a mean aftertaste that wouldn’t wash for days hehe!

Onion rings 160 php
Petite Mozzarella 175 php
Spaghetti Meatballs 220 php
Tutto de Marre pasta 280 php
Lasagna 260 php
Buffalo chicken 560 php (5 pcs.)
18″ Rustic Italian Pizza 760 php
My hungry hippos… <3

Finally happy & satiated after our 2-hour wait, STANDING in queue in globe waiting for ate’s new phone! @_@

yeah, yeah, happy face! ;P
I hope the lifespan of this phone is longer than the preceding 3-month old blackberry (may it rest in peace!)
So dear readers, my advice to you is DO NOT GET A BLACKBERRY!
Especially the sliding one. It has an early demise! @_@
The iPhone is sturdier, provided you daughter doesn’t run over it with a golf cart!

Goodnight everyone! :) Long day ahead tomorrow. I hope we have a successful garage sale & get rid of all the clutter my kids have accumulated the past year. Sigh…

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