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Dining with the Stars!

For 1 whole month, I’ve been cooking & brewing the dinner & staycation at THE BELLEVUE MANILA for my 12 Angels of Christmas. It like ate’s debut all over again, except it’s much more fun because I get to be the star this time, lels-JK! :P

I’m really so thankful to Mr. Ryan Chan, Marketing & Communications Corporate Director and owner of The Bellevue Manila for going MEGA grand on me and giving me a 3-table Lauriat on top of the 12 Signature Club Rooms for me & my guests! m/

Grace before meals to thank God for our bountiful blessings & petition for good health & another great year ahead.
Thank you Edric for agreeing to say a heartfelt & meaningful prayer.

I’m also so grateful to Jehn Domingo, Assistant Manager for Marketing and Communications, who has been so helpful & patient with all my requests for my guests. I’m O.C. so I needed everything to be perfect, and she handled everything so professionally that I have nothing but good words & praises for her. <3

I was so giddy & excited as my celebrity guest bloggers started coming in PHOENIX COURT one after the other that night. <3 It was christmas eve once again for me, like opening present upon present under the christmas tree. I had photo ops with one blogger hero after another, so please pardon seeing my face all over this post as I really made sure I had a photo taken with them for posterity. Who knows when I’ll ever be THIS close again in proximity to my stars? :)

With Edric & Joy Mendoza of TEACH WITH JOY. <3

I was seated beside this beautiful, wonderful couple during dinner & I don’t think Joy was able to eat anything with the way I interviewed her all night long & clung to her like magnet! :))

I was in awe of this lovely couple & their super cute children who were so delightful & introduced themselves to me one by one & shook my hand diligently. What a great upbringing!

Of course, I was over the moon with happiness that my BFF Franny of FRANNYWANNY & hubby Paul really made time for me, came & graced my occasion. <3

Franny & Paul only had a couple of days here in Manila before they flew back to Singapore so I was really touched that they gave me not one day but TWO! Their social calendars were so filled with manila events but because we were BFFs (yes, I insist!), Franny & Paul gave me their wholehearted support.

My time with Franny was so bitin but she promised me we would see each other again soon. I do hope JIN PEREZ will be able to join us the next time. She was in Beijing so she wasn’t able to make it to my dinner. </3

With Rina, Rain, and daddy Richie of THE PICKIEST EATER. <3

To say that I LOVE the Zamora family is an understatement. Baby Rain is such an angel.

Rina & Richie have been so nice & warm to me the moment I laid eyes on them. It’s like we’ve known each other for a long, long time. And Richie was sooooo bubbly & full of kwento. I really felt he was my male counterpart haha.

I told you I’m feelingera! :P #ambisyosapa

I was really so amazed that Mr. & Mrs. Awesome Planet attended my event. To have someone as BIG as ANTON DIAZ sit at my dinner table was a very fluffy & full feather on my cap.

Anton & Rache are every choosy in accepting invites so I was a grand peacock that night, spreading my plumage widely for all to see! :P

And even though it was my 2nd time to see ROWENA WENDY LEI, I was still star-struck & couldn’t stop hugging her to make sure she was really there. <3

Ro & husband Peter were so friendly & so game to come all the way to Alabang with their precious kids in tow that my happiness level was at an all time high that weekend.

Too bad really that MICHELLE MARTINEZ & hubby Wilson didn’t get to make it as she was in Bicol with her family & couldn’t come back for my event.

O.M.G. I finally got to meet my baby SUMI GO & her lawyer boyfie Jerwin.

I’ve had motherly feelings for my baby Sumi ever since my first contact with her. I guess coz she’s also a baby Go & could really pass as my daughter haha. Pag pinagtabi sila ng mga anak ko magkaka-hawig sila!

Sumi is so dainty & soft-spoken but packs a lot of meaning & substance. Which is why I just love reading her blog. <3 That. And she takes really great photos.

See? Diba magkaka-hawig sila? ;))

DIDI TIU flew solo that weekend. </3 I felt bad that she was the only one who wasn’t in a pair that night.

Didi was so sweet to leave her hubby & daughter behind just to accommodate my invitation. It’s hard being a young mother with many responsibilities so I really appreciated the time & effort she extended to me. <3

My last Christmas Angel, Ms. TINA TAGLE, had her 2 sons home for christmas so she begged off from attending my dinner. Of course I understood. Family always comes first. <3

This photo belongs to Ms. Tina Tagle.

And here’s what Chef Cheung from Malaysia cooked up for me & my christmas Angels & our families..

Roasted Pecking Duck. One whole per table, woohoo! <3

Fans of the Roasted Peking Duck! ;))

1st way.

2nd way.

Braised Pumpkin Soup with Seafood.

Steamed Live Lapu-Lapu with Soya Sauce.

Two Varieties of Prawn (Sauteed & Crispy)

Mommies will forever be mommies. :)

Quick Fried Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper.

Stuffed Crispy Chicken with Sweet & Sour Sauce.

Homemade Bean Curd with Crabmeat Sauce.

My added request which was not on the menu.. Birthday Noodles. We were after all, celebrating the birthday of Jesus! <3

A short break from all that eating. Time to digest a bit before dessert! ;)

Sesame Ball, a sure staple in every chinese restaurant.

Chilled Coconut Pudding.
The chef has outdone himself with this light but refreshing sweet ender to that delightfully heavy meal.

Thank you so very much The Bellevue Manila & Chef Cheung for a gastronomic dinner! <3
And thank you Honey Pie for your support. <3
Thank you for canceling our out of scheduled town trip & prioritizing my event because you knew it meant a lot to me.

Here I am fascinated with Chef Cheung’s description & summary of our meals.

Ryan, THANK YOU. You didn’t have to, but you did. And I am simply overwhelmed & floored with your support, kindness, and generosity. Thank you so much to you, The Bellevue Manila, and Jehn Domingo for an unforgettable weekend! <3

Thank you too to my guest bloggers, their families, my sponsors, and most especially to my family for the never-ending love & support. I’m blessed a hundred fold!

The Bellevue Manila. Where Luxury meets home!

PS: Anton’s post is up! m/ Click HERE to meet his extended family & read his EXCLUSIVE  piece on Christmas with the Diaz & Uy clan!


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