Dimsum for Three (and ziploc bags please!)

Now that we have families of our own, my college bffs and I have grown apart over the years, a little due to distance, but mainly due to our different interests now and stage in life.

Gone were the carefree days when we would cut classes to go to mcdo for the budget meal, or to the parlor in espana for mani/ped. Or the impromptu shopping spree in greenhills and SM edsa! ;))

Back in college, we were like the mafia. Nothing and no one can come between us. Ours was a tight snobbish circle of 3! Looking at the class picture that Joy brought today, I hardly remember the smiling faces of our classmates in the picture, or the names. That’s how tight the 3 of us were, hehe! The others remain a big blur to me! ;P

I bet you can’t even find me here.. I look sooooo bad now! :((
I’m the one with the pouffiest hair haha! ;P

Look at how pretty I was back then hehe! :P
Thank you Joy for the pictures! :-*

Because of facebook, I’m so glad we had the chance to finally reconnect! We saw each other 3 times last year. Then Nancy went off to Canada with her family, but is now back for a brief visit. So today, we met up again and have 2 more scheduled dates before Nancy goes back again in September. Yay!!! :D/

Catching up is F-U-N!!! :)) I can’t believe I forgot how funny these 2 are! I swear I went home with gas in my tummy from laughing so hard!

Nancy & Joy. my angels! <3

First off, my 2 friends are uber sosi. Nothing but the best for them, so we met up at shangrila hotel makati for lunch. (Now I remember why nobody else joined our small circle, hehe! :P)

We chose Shang Palace for their yummy dimsum. And also because it’s eat-all-you-can hehe! ;P 
We stuffed our faces with these:
3 kinds of soup, we obviously have different tastes! :P
Pork Asado w/ Jellyfish
Taro Puff
Xiao Long Pao
Shrimp & veggie dumpling
Prawn Salad
Spring Roll
Shark’s Fin
Sweet & Sour Pork
And 3 kinds of dessert.. EACH! :P

Nancy liked this so much that she and Joy suddenly had an inspiration to smuggle out DIMSUM!!! I could hardly keep my mouth straight as they both shoved maybe a kilo (EACH!!!) worth of fried dimsum, mini siopao & buchi in plastic bags and into their CHANEL and GOYARD!!! @_@ (I have their permission to blog about this, btw hehe!)  I would have too, had I not been too busy chomping greedily on my food & trying not to gag as I kept my laughter at bay! The restaurant had a strict no left-overs/no take-home policy, mind you!

These are just the beginnings of a dimsum smuggling spree!!! @_@
When we were done, they had 2 bags full! ;))
Note Nancy’s chanel bag in the background!!! @_@

In the serious fast-paced lane called adulthood, I’ve forgotten how silly we 3 used to be. Sigh.. to be young and carefree!!! I really really enjoyed our bonding time and the antics they pulled! Imagine, 2 distinguished ladies smuggling out dimsum in their designer bags, mwahaha!!! This will be forever etched into my memory bank!

We left with the promise to see each other again soon. I’m so glad these 2 always make the effort for us to meet. I’m so deeply burrowed and contented in my life with my honeypie and the kids that I often forget I have a life other than being their mommy. I’ve forgotten how fun adult (???) companionship can be!

So after repeated tight hugs and lipstick-stained kisses, I went home to my hunny and wonderful kids bearing these gifts from my bffs who were so sweet and thoughtful to buy them pasalubong! <3

Yummy custaroons from Joy, for the kids! <3
Mouth-watering Caramel cake from Nancy, also for the kids! <3
and more fun & thoughtful goodies from Canada, again for the kids. How sweet!

‘Til our next date, amigas! :-*

PS – My lovey got super excited with the nail art that she had a mani/ped right away… Sooooooo like ME!! @_@

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