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Diamond Hotel presents: Platter of the Americas

I am a steak (wo)man. As some of you may know, the only things I take delight in when dining at hotel buffets are the steak carving, sushi, and dessert stations. With a beautiful selection heaped high & full on my plate, I am happy & sated. I don’t even look at the other dishes, that’s how loyal I am to my main meats & sweets.

Last week, Kap & I had the fortune of being invited to try the Platter of the Americas steak night at Diamond Hotel by friends Melanie Pallorina & Chel Francisco. I’m sure you’ll agree when I say that America is known for its awesome meats, so I knew I was in for an amazing night & a sweet treat.


Corniche restaurant at Diamond Hotel has other themed buffets the rest of the week that will surely delight you! <3 Tuesday features Bounty from the Sea with a selection of fresh seafoods. Thursdays Corniche offers Island Favorites with classic Filipino dishes. And Saturday nights are highlighted with Food of the Gods presenting mediterranean dishes.

My only miSTEAK was that I ate a late lunch. So come dinner time, I just looked helplessly at the many choices available, willing myself to eat more than I possibly can but failing miserably. I only succeeded with the classic Porterhouse & had to console myself with tasting bits & pieces from Kap’s multiple plates of Angus ribeye, Tender fillet, and Sirloin. Oh how I envy him his huge tummy space!


I can’t cook to save my life. And I also don’t do the marketing at home, so for you leisure ladies like me, here is a guide to the various cuts of Beef. :)

Corniche, Diamond Hotel

Hotel Lobby Diamond Hotel, Roxas Blvd. Ermita, Manila (02) 528-3000

Corniche is Diamond Hotel‘s restaurant located at the lobby level which showcases the combination of beautifully appointed facilities, elegant interiors, cuisines of the world and impeccable service.

Highlighted by the lushly landscaped garden view and picturesque rock formation with a cascading waterfall, Corniche offers an exceptional breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet spread and an extensive all-day a la carte menu. The buffet selection is composed of Asian, Western, Japanese, salad and dessert stations, all meticulously prepared by culinary experts.

That Friday night though, we were treated to PLATTER OF THE AMERICAS featuring Hello Joe’s eat-all-you-can dishes ranging from good ol’ steaks to mouth-watering pasta. Available for only 2,550.00 nett per person, the American spread features an all-out Angus grill station made richer by Diamond Hotel‘s own blend of Garlic chimmichurri sauce, Cracked peppercorn sauce, Bleu cheese sauce, Diane sauce, Garlic butter, and Hickory barbecue sauce.



Make sure you bundle your steak night with free-flowing sparkling wine for a relaxing night, or why not try Diamond Hotel’s Cocktail of the month which comes with this adorable stuffed toy as a keepsake!



Your choice of steak cut cooked the way you like LOVE it. <3



Aside from the various cuts, take your pick from either the American Country Style Leg of Ham, or the Prime Rib.



Choose your meat..



and have it cooked. That’s my beautiful chunk of meat being grilled right there. LOVE! <3



Also served at the buffet are Spicy parsnip soup with gluten-free bread, Rocket & tomato salad, Beer-battered onion rings served with Aioli garlic mayo, Mini angus beef burger patty in buns served with ketchup, pickles, mustard, and chopped onions.






Kap & I were grinning ear to ear the whole night with happiness. Steak craving satisfied. What a fun, fun date night! <3



My Porterhouse with Peppercorn sauce which I tucked into with delight. I only realized I wasn’t able to take a photo quarter of the way. This was MUCH bigger uneaten. :P



Because I couldn’t resist my carbs. These took up too much tummy space, to my chagrin. I should have stuck to just meat. Boo!



Even though it was a themed buffet night, Corniche still made sure some favorites were thrown in here & there. For me, no buffet is complete without sushi & sashimi. Obviously! :P



For the dessert station, enjoy Corniche’s take on traditional warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream, New york cheesecake with blueberry topping, Spiced carrot cake with orange creme and a whole lot more.



Oooops. This refreshing halo-halo got in the way of my supposed all-American dinner. :P



MEAT the carnivores!



who stuffed themselves silly with no less than 2 of the steak platters shown here! I must have been the only one crazy to stop after one. :'( Must come better prepared next time for this MAN vs. FOOD experience.



US Angus Rib-eye. The rib eye or “ribeye” was originally, as the name implies, the center best portion of the rib steak without the bone. It is both flavorful and tender, coming from the lightly worked upper rib cage area. Its marbling of fat makes it very good for slow oven roasting and grilling.



Porterhouse steak. The T-bone and porterhouse are steaks of beef cut from the short loin. Both steaks include a “T-shaped” bone with meat on each side. Porterhouse steaks are cut from the rear end of the short loin and thus include more tenderloin steak, along with a large strip steak. T-bone steaks are cut closer to the front, and contain a smaller section of tenderloin.



Sirloin steak. The sirloin is actually divided into several types of steak. The top sirloin is the most prized of these and is specifically marked for sale under that name. The bottom sirloin, which is less tender and much larger, is typically marked for sale simply as “sirloin steak”. The bottom sirloin in turn connects to the sirloin tip roast.



Fillet of beef or the Tenderloin. The tenderloin is an oblong shape spanning two primal cuts: the short loin, and the sirloin. The tenderloin sits beneath the ribs, next to the backbone. This muscle does very little work, so it is the most tender part of the beef. The tenderloin can be cut for either roasts or steaks.



American ham. Ham is pork that has been preserved through salting, smoking, or wet curing.

Thank you so much Diamond Hotel, and my lovely girlfriends MELANIE & CHEL, for inviting Kap & I to partake of this magnificent Steak feast. Ate has been nagging me to go vegetarian, but in all honesty.. Becoming a vegetarian is just a big missed steak. Don’t you agree???


With amazing ladies, Melanie Pallorina, Public Relations Manager & Chel Francisco, Public Relations Supervisor of Diamond Hotel. THANK YOU! <3


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