Diamond Hotel Late Night Weekend Buffet

I’m so happy I stumbled upon this while I was browsing Spot.ph! m/ I’m so excited to try it out. The last time I was in Diamond Hotel was my brother’s wedding almost 20 years ago! @_@ I’m sure plenty has happened far & in between.

Ooooohhhh!! I’ve got my eye on that clubhouse sandwich & burger. DROOOOOOL!!! <3

We are such night owls that I’m sure the kids will love this treat! You still have until tomorrow to buy your vouchers from their outlets. And no, this is not paid advertisement hehe (I wish!) ;P

Ate made sure my wish comes true, she went to Diamond hotel today after school to buy our Buffet Vouchers. She’s so sweet that way. Can’t wait!!! <3

Valid Fridays & Saturdays ONLY from 10:30PM-2:00AM January 18 – February 23, 2013.
My hunny will be DELIRIOUSLY happy to know he got away from an expensive Valentine’s date! :P

and on a totally unrelated note, THANK YOU so much, JIN for your post!! <3

And a “HELLO” & Thank You, my dear new & of course loyal, old-time readers! You don’t know how happy you make me knowing YES! I have READERS!! hehehe <3 Fee free to comment any time. I LOVE reading your comments (nice ones lang please? -don’t correct na my grammar :P).
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