Designer Blooms Cafe

We had some time to kill the other day, sunday, as ate was resting from the week-long pageant rehearsals. I was able to focus my attention on my Lavinia who has been so patient & understanding with mommy’s undivided attention to her ate the past week.

I took her for a snack at the newly opened Designer Blooms Cafe. OMG it’s soooo cute! BUT! Their service needs some improvement. Our orders took so long! :'(( It’s understandable as they opened only recently & are just getting their ears wet.  And the food was mostly organic so we really didn’t fully appreciate the “wholesomeness” haha. We are the fats & oil type! ;))

I love how it has such a “garden-y” feel! <3
You can also buy both fresh & artificial flowers here.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this table & couch combination!! <3 Shabby Chic!!!

Up the stairs to the 2nd floor..
Ooopps. sorry about that baby, hahaha! ;P

Spotted: MV! ;P
I also love their attention to details.
Parang cottage lang ang effect! ;))

I wanted to sneak the adorable throw pillow out in my bag but it just wouldn’t fit haha! :P
Passion Berry.. so very refreshing! :) 100 php/glass
Fudgie Brownie & Food for the gods 45 php each.
Hmmmnnnn.. not their strongest point.
The brownie wasn’t moist & chewie the way I like it. Same goes for the FFTG.
Bolognese 265 php
Herb-y, meat-y goodness. Serving was A-ok too.
Hindi ka ginugutom! ;))
Fish Taco 275 php.
Steady lang. I loved the nachos & dip though. Really flavorful.
My baby love!! <3
Thank you for being such a good girl & for understanding that I needed to fulfill my mommy duties.

We have practically eaten at all the restaurants in ATC that I’m so happy Molito is booming with new eateries to explore & discover.

I just love the South! <3

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