Deli France

My dearest ate decided to go back memory lane & catch up with her old grade school friends. She’s been looking at pictures lately for her debut video presentation & she realized just how much she misses her old friends.

The other day, she scheduled a lunch date with Marty. You can imagine how many more lunch dates she’ll be having with her other friends -her credit card is grunting at the thought! ;P

Her grade school classmate, Martina.
Marty transferred in high school.
Too bad this is the only picture I have of them together -AND IT’s SO SMALL!

Meanwhile, ever the alalay, I waited for her at Cafe France next door. With my 2 other minions of course. ;))
My 2 other minions on the stakeout with me! ;P
And you know that stakeouts involve FOOD right?
Pomodoro 150 php
Shrimp Pesto 240 php 
Mushroom soup 85 php

My pizza baguette 180 php,
and mega small strawberry tart 45 php
Four Seasons 15 php/Fresh OJ 99 php
Should have gotten the four seasons instead! :P
What’s best about wandering around aimlessly is that the kids were able to find something for their dad for Father’s Day. Yay! <3

Poor daddy doesn’t have a rash guard & he really burned the last time we went to the beach,
so the kids got him one with a matching board shorts to wear on our next beach trip.

I’m surely gonna miss our malling days once school starts.

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