Debuts & Venues

Debuts are serious events, and I want my ate to have the best night evah, so we exhausted ALL possibilities until she finally finds “The One” that will put a smile on her face, and a song in her heart! ;)

Besides, half the fun in organizing an event is going around “IN” places & discovering hidden gems you never thought existed.

Initially, she wanted The Conservatory at The Pen, but after seeing it up close & personal, she decided she didn’t want it after all…

Image on the website which made us love the venue
However, after ocular inspection, it didn’t look so romantic after all with those curtains drawn close! :P

Good thing too because the minimum consumable for The Conservatory was 400k! @_@ Would have made a SERIOUS dent on my piggy bank!!! ;))

On a side note, people I talk to tell me that they’d rather go on a trip, or buy a car, than spend for a debut.  WHY??? :'((  You can always go on a trip, or buy a car, in the future -when you are working, or have a family of your own & have a rich husband hehe. But debuts come only ONCE in a lifetime. It’s not like you can bring back time & be 18 again, right? Is it just me???

Ok back to regular programming! ;P

So discovering Salon De Ning, also at The Pen, was just the highlight of our day.. just LOOK why it caught our attention! <3 <3 <3

Mysterious foyer. I’m so loving it!!!

The ZEPLIN room

The BOXING room

The SHOE room
The shining-shimmering-splendid stage. No need to decorate anymore, actually! <3
The DJ booth. Kewlness!!!

The Events organizer was on leave until feb 14, so we wait in anticipation for the minimum consumable for this BEE-YOO-TIFUL place! I’m betting it’s gonna cost me an arm, a leg, a liver.. and most probably a kidney & cornea thrown in as well!! @_@

One thing that I learned that day was confirming Ate‘s eclectic taste & edgy personality. She didn’t like any of the girly venues below…

Makati A/B function room in Shangrila Hotel Makati
Rizal ballroom A, also in SHM
Incidentally, this is where she had her 1st birthday! :)
How nostalgic would it be to celebrate her 18th birthday here as well??
But no, she wouldn’t have that! :P

Instead, her 2nd choice is in Opus, resorts world.. in case Salon de Ning’s consumable is exorbitantly crazee! @_@

Ate really likes edgy, more unconventional decor.
She’s not a girly girl who likes frills & pinks! :P
Area just off the Lounge where the oldies a.k.a. ate’s 9 pairs of 18 Treasures
can chill, dine & wine while the kids party the night away.

Or Republiq!

The no-frills entrance to Republiq
But I think Republiq is too big a venue for her intimate party of 100-150.

I would really love for her to get Salon de Ning for the beauty of the place, but I’m also a bit hesitant because the rooms are built in such a way that the guests are secluded & grouped apart. Mingling is almost impossible. And the stage is off center, so the other guests can’t really see what’s happening if there will be a short program.

Opus/Republiq on the other hand is in Resorts World, so it’s not really as private as being in a hotel. A lot of people are wandering outside the events place, too busy I think. Just think how busy RW will be on a saturday night! Nightmare!!!

Arggghhhh!!! Decisions, decisions! @_@ Ultimately, it’s ate’s choice. It’s her party after all. I’m just there to guide her, and pay the bill haha.

All that walking made us VERY hungry, so we had a light dinner at Old Penang in Resorts World..

Fried Rice
Hainanese Chicken
Sweet & Sour Pork

Ice Kachang
oooppppssss.. ate‘s eyes are closed here haha.
Probably so tired & sleepy already from all that excitement! ;P

And yes.. my babyson is noticeably absent. Why? Because he had to stay home & practice an upcoming play with his classmates. He’s the male lead, btw (proud momma moment!)

With half of his class. Half weren’t able to make it.
So they’d probably have another excuse for a practice/hang-out next week! ;)
Of course momma bear wouldn’t just leave them without FOOD! :P
Such hungry hippos.
Ordered a huge BigA$$ pizza from PIZZA NERO

‘Til the next big hunt for ate’s debut! :)

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