Debut Details – The Dress

As her 18th birthday approaches, ate’s choices are finally coming into form. She is narrowing it down to what she really likes best.

Ate is very particular with her appearance. Before, when she went to high school where there was no prescribed uniform, it’s as if her room was hit by a tornado whenever she finished dressing up for school. @_@ So imagine the details & research she put into her debut cocktail dress!

From this..

slutty! ;))

She has settled to this..

Still slutty! ;))
Not midriff though. @_@
Paired with a removable turquoise long flow-y skirt which she can take off to partey the night away! ;)
Close-up version, but in black & gold. Square sequins! m/
I like the gold in the hair detail too, but I don’t know if ate is “G” for that! ;P
Gold metallic shoe which we were fortunate to find online.
OMG you just don’t know the extent of how HAPPY this has made me.
She would go SHOELESS if she didn’t find one that suited her! @_@

And she finally found a designer to work with who can bend to her quirks busy schedule as a pre-med student, but still not compromise on quality & design. And so near to us too! <3 It was pure luck actually when we passed by ANN CHAVEZ’ PLUMA store in ATC. Ann is her friend Martina’s mom. We were walking by this store & saw Ann inside so ate went into make beso. And we fell in love with Ann’s dresses -more importantly, they CLICKED! :)

How lucky for us that Pluma is just so close!
Proximity would have been a bit of a problem, ate is always so busy! :(
With her tita ANN CHAVES -a very hip mom! ;)
Not only is her hair ombre’d. She wants her train ombre’d too! ;P
A lovely shade of turquoise! <3
And look at what I found online too for give-aways! <3 I’m just so glad that ate agrees to these..

Personalized M&M’s! <3

This is my peg.
haha of course I want to be in it too -I did give birth to her after all! :P

And for dessert, keeping in line with ate’s cocktail party..

Cuptails & Dreams
I’ve always thought that big cakes are wasted.
Nobody wants to slice it. Nobody wants to eat it.
So cupcakes are just perfect! ;)
And they’re ALCOHOLIC haha so I’m pretty sure the kids will wanna have a taste! 
Ate just needs to look for a cake tower design that she wants.

Sigh.. all these preparations, effort & gastos for just 1 night! @_@ But of course I want ate to have a night she will always remember with great fondness & know in her heart that Mommy loved her so much to make everything perfect! ;)

So excited to make her GLOW with happiness! <3

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