Debut Details – Invitations

It’s already JULY! @_@ 3 months to go before another milestone in my panganay’s life (& mine!). She’s turning LEGAL.. oh noooooooooo!

WINGS! Little by little I am allowing her to test her wings. It’s really hard for a worrywart mom like me, but I know the time is coming that I have to slowly let her be independent. I’m letting her have choices, starting with her debut preparations. I’m just the financier/driver/alalay -everything else I leave to her, with a little guidance & helpful reminders here & there.

Yesterday, we went to her invitation printer –CARDPRINTS. She found a style that she liked, and I’m happy to see that she makes quick, solid decisions. She doesn’t dilly-dally & is no-nonsense and firm with her choices -she knows what she wants & goes for it with perfect clarity & authority.

Going with the oriental theme of Salon de Ning.
An invitation like this costs between 150-200 php/pc. depending on the level of personalization.
These are the paper, embossing detail, and color that she has chosen.
Happy with her choices -I’m very glad! <3
I love my ate soooo much!

I slowly start letting her deal with everything. Baby steps for me ;)

She has yet to email the words for the invitation & finalize her 18 special people, but we have at least set the event wheels in motion. She doesn’t want the traditional 18 roses/18 wishes. So she is combining girls/boys in her VIP-18, only those who are truly closest to her & have remained constant throughout the years.

Her 18 V.I.P.s

First Dance-Dad, Last Dance-Jonah
Dance: Quin, Migie, Justin, Jaime & Jino, Matthew & Mark, Ramy, Bent
Wishes: Jena, Denise, Jaymee, Isabella, Daniella, Jasmine & Angela, Noe, Kitkat, Mendi

Had dinner at P.F. Chang’s..

The special sauces
We had an early dinner. Lots of empty seats.
Sigh.. cellphone moments! :(
Busy busy bees!
We were all craving for something so we had 1 dish each haha. TAKAW! @_@
Clockwise from top at 12:00..
Lavinia’s crispy honey chicken 365 php
My babyson’s crispy honey shrimp 475 php
My kung pao chicken 395 php
Ate’s Sichuan shrimp 695 php
Unlimited rice comes free.

Mango Cream for dessert 185 php
2 bites each of tangy, mango creamy goodness! <3

Then had coffee at a new korean coffee shop called Holly’s..

I was surprised to find Holly’s as pleasant & as sosi as Starbucks with plush seats & roomy interior.
They only had 1 server though, who as pleasant & helpful as he was,
just couldn’t handle EVERYTHING by his lone self.
Note to manager. Help needed! @_@

They have a wonderful assortment of pasties, cakes & sandwiches. 
Loved the wood & brick theme throughout. 
The girls loved their regular-sized caramel drinks called HOLLYCINO
(instead of frappucino!)
150 php each
Except for my regular-sized hot americano which was 110 php
Perked them up a bit, they still have TONS of homework to do when we get home.
Poor babies! :((
My red velvet cake.
Bitin ako sa dessert as we ALL shared PFC’s 4-pc mango cream haha!

The kids are so busy with school & homework & extra curricular activities that I have to steal bits & moments whenever I can to sneak in ate’s debut preparations. Sigh.

And add to the stress of the day.. SOMEONE “LOST” OUR PARKING TICKET & I got all the blame when THIS PERSON had it pala all along. I’m not saying who.. Name starts with a “J” and ends with an “O”.! ;P


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