Dear Ms. Piggy


Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your letter! Hmmmnnn, my advice is to take great care not to be overly sensitive. Was the criticism constructive? Sometimes, a punctuation mark & an emoticon makes the world of a difference. There are some who mean well, but just don’t know how to get the message across. This is how World War 2 started & Kermy and I were unwilling witnesses to it. If only the emoticon was invented back then!

Also, is there any truth to the criticism? If not, then just shake it off darling. It’s just an opinion of one & not necessarily of all. Use the delete button. That’s what i do. They’re not worth the wrinkles.

As long as you know that you’re being true to not only to yourself, but most importantly to your readers, then there’s no point in wasting energy over it. Move on, keep calm, and GLITTER!

Love always, Ms. Piggy



Dear readers,

Lately, this has been a problem for me. I’ve been getting some flak for my sponsored posts.

First of all, I thank you for your support. And I value it, truly. I also appreciate the friendship you have offered to me & how our relationship has blossomed. Some of you I have gotten to know considerably through my blogging years. It has made me happy. <3

That said, I hope you know me well enough by now to know that I’m VERY transparent. If I don’t like something I say it outright. I don’t beat behind the bush. On the other hand, if I really like something, then you will “hear” me gushing about it on my blog. I say what’s on my heart.

But then again, that’s MY opinion. MY taste. On MY platform. And our opinion & tastes vary. What may seem good to me may not seem good to you. It doesn’t mean that I lied about it. Just that I have a different take. Also, we will never have the same experience because what is constant is change. I may go to a place one day & get the best customer service & food, and you may go another day when the Chef or a staff might be having a bad day & you don’t get the same result I did -or vice versa.

Lately, I’ve been getting invites left & right from my foodie friends. This is a dream come true for me. I’ve always wanted to be at this point in my blogging career. I accept for 3 reasons: 1) Hey, free food, lels. See? I’m honest. 2.) I get to meet interesting people & make new friends. If it were not for them, I’d be a stay at home mom. Period. That would be my only world. 3.) I get to do a wide coverage which is I think, is beneficial to you too because I get to tell you about the wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful) restaurants & places I have visited -complete with price & description! Places which I might not even consider going to if it were not for the invites of my foodie friends SPANKY, RICHARD, & KATHI who have been so very gracious & generous to include me on their invite list. Take note that the restaurants are not the ones inviting me, but my friends. So I really don’t know why there is this commotion that my reviews are biased -intentional or unintentional. My loyalty is to YOU, my dear readers because without you, there is no Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice.

Besides, the only difference between sponsored posts & not is that I TELL YOU. I can be like some who just go on & on raving about this & that and not tell you that it was a sponsored post and you take their word for it hook, line and sinker thinking it was their honest opinion just because they didn’t disclose that it was a sponsored post. You won’t even know the difference. But no. I tell you. And I thank my gracious friends profusely. I thank the restaurant. Some might think that sponsored posts mean we bloggers are paid. That is so not the case. We are not paid (not me at least). We are fed. Then it is up to us if we want to write about it or not. We are not even required to. I write because I want you to be informed & for you to see what a particular restaurant is all about without having to shell out anything that entails eating at a restaurant & paying for your food when you can read it on my blog first to see if it’s some place you would want to visit. I write because I want to share my experience with you. What can get more personal that that? Please, do tell me. My heart & soul is in this blog.

It is hurtful & I take it personally when my integrity is questioned. Because in fairness to me. Readers read my posts for FREE. I spend considerable time editing photos (which are sometimes still crappy, admittedly, but that really is my best. I’m not a photographer. I write.) and writing -injecting wit & humor to keep you entertained (hopefully). Things which takes time away from my family. But I do so because I enjoy blogging, & I also enjoy sending out information to you. <3 Plus, it is also insulting to be told what I should & should not write on MY blog. Yes, MY blog.

Because I’ve been getting requests for PERSONAL posts (OMG I don’t even know what personal means anymore because my blog is already SO personal, lels), I came up with a DEAR MS. PIGGY & LOVE MS. PIGGY portions.

For the DEAR MS. PIGGY, feel free to write me & ask me questions & advices. I’m no expert, but I will try to give you my honest thoughts & feelings. :) I will post this regularly every Saturday, provided you send me questions at SUGARGOSPICE@GMAIL.COM It can be anonymous or not. It depends on your wishes really.

For the LOVE, MS. PIGGY which I think you will enjoy the most (kasi chismis!), it will be about my life with Kap. With some unsolicited advice on the side. This will come oit every Sunday. And I hope it will make you happy. :P

Again, thank you so much for your trust, your love, your faith in me. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I do enjoy exchanging thoughts with you. I love you all. And that’s the honest truth. :-*

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