Dear Ms. Piggy (Secret Crush)


Dear Anonymous,

When Kap & I first met in high school, we pretended to be “friends only”, but I knew he liked me na. He would always wait for me by my locker & carry my FLORAL bag! :P He would always take the opportunity to sit beside me & trade places with whomever may seatmate may be at the time in class. He would touch my arm, call me on the phone every night & we’d talk about sweet nothings. Ay, nako tama bang kiligin na naman ako sa tanda kong ito looking back down memory lane??? ;P

This went on for about a year. By the end of our last year in high school, I panicked because he was really so torpe. The signs were there na, but it was an undefined relationship. Kami na hindi kami. It’s like the facebook status now na “it’s complicated”. So I made the first move & asked him. Baka kasi makawala pa! ;))

Story cut short, 28 years later heto, naglalandian pa rin kami. If I dilly-dallied, who knows who our partner in life may be now.

So look at the signs. It’s impossible that you don’t see it. You would definitely know if he’s into you or not. But if you still can’t, here are some tips based on my own experience that might help..


1.) Look at his body language when he’s around you.

Does he gravitate towards you or sort of lean in towards you? Does he always seem to be in the right place at the right time? Parang stalker mode? Does he sit close to you when you’re together? Does he make extra, EXTRA effort just for you?

Kap would always support his one hand on the wall when he’d talk to me, so his body is leaning towards me, kind of shielding me from everything else. It shows possessiveness. Like he wants you all to himself.


2.) Pay attention to physical contact.

Does he touch you when you talk? Whether or not it’s conscious, someone who likes you “that” way will generally find excuses to touch you. They might put their hand on your shoulder, or wipe something random off your face. Does he tickle you? It might mean that he wants attention from you, and he’s trying to get it without making known his true feelings.

Si Kap would always grab my arm and rub something off, like a non-existent dirt. He would always sit close to me even though there was room to spare on his end.


3.) Notice how often he’s around you.

Does he make little excuses to be around you? Does he ask to work with you for a project just so you can be together even after office hours? If he is your immediate boss or leader, does he always pick you for his team?

With Kap, he was everywhere. I’d turn & he would be there. He would be with his group of friends but he would come to me as soon as he saw my face. He would also help me & give me a hand on things that isn’t really his business.


4.) How often does he look at you?

Do you ever see him looking at you when he thinks you cannot see him? If you catch him looking at you and you look back, does he look away? Does he look deep into your eyes, yung malagkit na malagkit that sometimes you feel awkward kasi baka may dumi ka na pala sa mukha o ngipin??? ;)) Does he focus his attention on you & you alone that no one else seems to exist in the office?

Back in the day, I’d always catch Kap sneaking glances at me, and he would have this look of love, like adoring puppy eyes. It’s as if he’s looking deep into your soul & he’s trying to find an answer.. YES ba o NO???



For your peace of mind, IF you happen to see the ALL of the above-mentioned signs & then some, then by all means go for it. It’s better to know now if you have a future with him or not now than wait a thousand year. Hindi ka naman bampira, ‘Day. Don’t waste your time & energy on someone who doesn’t feel the same way. Remember, the clock is ticking.

But if you do find out that he simply isn’t interested in you & sees you merely as a best friend or worse, a sister, let go. Not only will he serve as a co_kblock but you are also wasting your opportunity to find someone else. Life goes on and sometimes you just have to accept things. It may seem like it’s the end of the world, but it’s not. Someone meant for you will come along, hard as it may be to accept it.

It really is best to make a clean break. Don’t fall any harder for him than you already do. Keep away for your sake because it’s a one way feeling & you are bound to get hurt. Someday, he will fall in love with someone else & your earth will be shattered. So stop early while you still can, while you are not yet 100% emotionally invested.

And who knows, once in a while -if you’re really really lucky, absence makes the heart grow fonder. When you’re not that much in his life, he might just realize how much you really mean to him, romantically speaking. Then you will have a happy ending. ;)


Dear readers, if there is anything you would like to add, feel free to do so on the comment section below. :)

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