Dear Ms. Piggy (Gelato vs. Sorbetes)



Italian, American, Indian, Arab, Chinese.. it all boils down to the same thing really, TRUE LOVE. We can’t gauge love based on the color of one’s skin. You may fall in love & marry a Filipino like your parents require, but if the commitment & dedication isn’t there, your marriage may fall in the dumps sooner or later, as in any other case & ethnic origin.

It’s not a question of race. It’s a question of how much you love one another, and how committed you are for the long haul.

Like I’ve said many times before -and speaking from my own experience, no parent would deem any man worthy of their princess. Be it a sheik or a tycoon. NO ONE will be good enough for their precious daughter. Your parents may fear that you are getting in over your head being in a relationship with someone foreign because they have different customs & traditions. We Filipinos have a different set of values & ways not common to others. Like filial love & clannishness. maybe your parents are worried that once you marry a foreigner, they will never see you again when you set off to live in another country.

Why not try sitting down with them & find out the basis of their fears & anxiousness. This is the only way to answer your question. Have a heart-to-heart talk with them & refuse to end the discussion until you find out the reason why. Does you current boyfriend have a bad reputation? Has he been married before? Does he seem like a player? An abuser? Parents want only the best for their children. If they show aggressive behavior then there might be an underlying reason why they are acting this way.

If you are sure their reasons are simply mababaw. Bili ka ng tig-isang lata ng magnolia at gelato. Serve to them & ask them which one they prefer. Sorbetes at Gelato, pareho lang yan! :P


Dear readers, if there is anything you would like to add, feel free to do so on the comment section below. :)



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