Dear Ms. Piggy (Dealing with an Ex-Boyfriend!)


Dear Anonymous,

My my, what a terrible predicament you have found yourself in. This is why inter-office relationships are discouraged. I do hope my suggestions can help a bit in your very awkward situation..


1.) Don’t talk, look, or stare at them.

Try to not notice them. Imagine that they’re invisible. Easier said than done I know. But in time, it WILL get better. I promise. Grieve as if he died, that would be better. Leaving you because he had no choice is easier to accept rather than leaving you for ANOTHER choice!


2.) Make sure you tell your supervisor of the situation and ask that you two (or worse, THREE) not be put together for a team project. 

No need to be secretive. I mean for sure, by now the whole office -if not the whole building, knows what is going on. Hello, iba na ang ka-holding hands niya diba? And nothing is worse than having to stay overtime & work on a case where you three have to brainstorm on a long stressful night ahead.


3.) Talk to your friends & ask for moral support.

Hang with your friends (assuming you have any because we know how it is when you’re in a relationship with a co-worker. You do EVERYTHING together!) & show that you don’t care. Laugh out loud if you must, just make sure that there’s really something funny going on lest you look stupid. :P True, you may feel like a thousand knives are stabbing your heart at the mere sight of them together, but put up a brave front. Hey, you wanted to stick around right? What else can you do? If you have no other friends to talk to, then try to make new friends.


4.) If your ex-boyfriend tries to talk to you, be civil but don’t start a conversation. Just say there’s nothing more to discuss.
He might ask you to take him back. Profess that he made a huge mistake & he can’t live a life without you. Girl, move on. Once a cheat, ALWAYS a cheat. Please. Cheating says you’re not woman enough for him.
5.) If your ex-boyfriend & his new girlfriend talks about you or insults you, don’t insult back.
I know it’s hard, but be the bigger and better person. Keep in mind that they are smaller (in level) than you because they keep on insulting you. And keep your head up high. Never show that you are afraid of them and don’t let on that they affect you in any kind because that’s what they want. Prove to others that what they say is simply not true. Show them that you don’t care and that you’re moving on, even though you’re dying a thousand deaths. Smile, smile, and SMILE!
6.) Last but not the least, consider a make-over.
Maybe change your hairstyle (they do say a woman who cuts her hair or changes her hairstyle is ready for new things in her life.. ask KRIS!) or the style of your clothes? Put on make-up & go for colors to brighten your day. Look fabulous. Splurge on a shopping spree to upgrade your look. That’s the best revenge. Show him that it’s HIS loss, not yours!
In the end, I personally believe that the daily stress is SO NOT worth the job. Why would you subject yourself to torture day in & day out? Stress level this high is definitely NOT GOOD for you. Surely there are other jobs you can seek & find? The best way to move on is to start with a clean slate. But then again, it’s your call. Not mine. Can I just say? I’m SO glad I’m not in your shoes. GOSH. PAMATAY! @_@
Love, Ms. Piggy
Dear readers, if there is anything you would like to add, feel free to do so on the comment section below. :)
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