Dear Ms. Piggy (Forbidden Love)


Dear Anonymous,

First of all, you sound very young if you are still in school. And since you are still living under the roof of your parents & under their protection, you basically have no choice but to obey their rules.

I have 2 girls of my own & I would also protect them with all my might if I thought for one second that they were in danger, or in a bad relationship. I understand the position of your parents. For me, no one will ever be good enough for my daughters too no matter how good, or kind, or accomplished the guy may be. Daughters will always be princesses in the eye of their parents. That’s just our view.

Second of all, there is such a thing as “mother knows best”… which applies in most cases, although not all. Your parents have had years of experience. Some good, some bad -which they don’t want you to go through. It’s understandable. As a teen, I also thought I knew everything. It’s only now that I’m a parent do I realize how foolish my actions. I didn’t know zilch then, I still don’t know everything now at my adult age.

Having said that, I empathize with you & know exactly how you feel. Young love is a sweet, tender love. And for you to be in a relationship says a lot about the love you have for each other. If this was to happen to my child, I would be broken-hearted too alongside because all parents want to see their kids happy. That’s our ultimate goal -to ensure that our children lead happy, healthy lives.

Was there a reason why your parents are acting this way? Have you been deceiving them or lying to them? Going behind their back? This may be one of the reasons why they are acting the way they are. If you’re still a minor, they are your guardians & you have no choice buy to obey them.

If, like you said, you can’t talk to them openly. Then the next best thing is for you to talk to your therapist and tell her everything, your feelings, your thoughts. Although there is a patient-doctor confidentiality which may or may not apply in your case because you seem like a minor, the doctor can at least relay your fears & get the message across to your parents on a more professional level that they can listen to & can take -which may open doors for you, or even a teeny tiny window.

I know that you feel alone, hurt & vulnerable right now. Like life has no meaning. Yours is a love that is full of passion at this age & stage. But know that you will not always be in this scenario. Time will pass, you will become an adult & capable of making your decisions which your parents can no longer do anything about. Look forward to that time. In the meantime, make the most of yourself. Study hard, study well. Time passes by so quickly.

True, you may be hurting right now. But there really isn’t much that you can do but let time pass. I would suggest that you have a long talk with your parents & seek compromises but if as you said, they are close-minded & don’t want to listen to your explanations, then be patient. What’s good about time is it moves forward.

For now, think about your happy memories & your journey together. If you are meant for each other, neither time nor distance can keep you apart. True Love is too big & too strong for anyone, even your parents, to keep you apart. If indeed what you have is true love.

I can’t say I don’t believe in young love as I am a product of it myself. I fell in love at 16 & we are still together now.. happy & still in love. So who is anyone to discount the feelings of another when they are not in the shoes of the people concerned & have no idea of the magnitude of your feelings for one another.

I know this may not mean much, but I am sending you my love. I wish I can take away your pain, Sweetie. But we are all bound by rules which we have no choice but to follow. Pray. Pray for peace from inner turmoil. Pray that over time the pain will go away. Try to amuse yourself & occupy your time with productive things to keep you sane. Losing a loved one -whichever way, is always painful.

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