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Love Ms. Piggy (Make Time)

Kap is a very active & busy person. Even at home, he cannot stay put. He has to constantly move around or tinker with something. In cases that he finds himself free, he goes out to play tennis or basketball with his friends. Hindi talaga siya mapalagay sa bahay!

I, on the other hand, because their dad is so inactive in their lives, make up for it by devoting almost all my time to the kids. Picking up, running errands, spending quality time -those kinds of things. Things that leave little room for date nights with Kap.

He’s been especially busy now that the addition in his little businesses is running.. Wala na, once in a blue moon na lang when he comes home not tired & ready for quality time with me & the kids. At night when everything is quiet, I tell him my sentiments exactly. We are both growing old. What little time we have, it’s too short. Spending it on walang kwentang bagay is plain old wasting time.



I understand that he needs down time, time for himself because I also have time for myself when the kids are in school & he’s off at work. I get to blog, read, watch my favorite series. So it’s only fair that he needs to unwind which is why I let him be. But it’s important for couples to devote time for one another, putting importance on each other OVER other menial things & tasks.

Life, especially at my age, is comparable to a candle burning. More than half has been used up already. Will you wait until the very last moment to catch up? Save room, make time NOW while you still can. Family time is what’s important, the rest is just inconsequential.



Case in point.. do read THIS & THIS. Early morning of July 26, 2014 inside our very own village, Tennis instructor to my kids, and hitting partner of Kap, JIMBOY was on his way to work at 5:30 in the morning aboard his bike, the de-pedal kind. He was traveling along the bike/pedestrian lane in our village at a slow speed when all of a sudden he was hit by a car at top speed by a confirmed drunk young adult on his way home. Jimboy was killed on the spot while the driver left in a hurry with nary a care for the victim. It was a blessing that he was tailed to his home by a witness aboard a motorcycle, and he was apprehended by the authorities.

My point is, the day that Jimboy set out on what he thought would be just any other ordinary day at work -turned out to be his last. He left behind his wife who just gave birth 2 months ago (now 3) & 2 other small children.

Knowing Jimboy, he was a very busy man trying to earn a living for his family. He would come to our village very early, and leave for home late. He had very little time for his family. Let this be another lesson to us of how fleeting life is, and to make every moment we spend with our loved ones count.

R.I.P. now Jimboy Cardona. 1979-2014.



As for the culprit who ran & just left Jimboy there like a roadkill,Β I don’t know how you still get to sleep soundly at night, knowing you just murdered a helpless father of 3. It’s sick how having rich parents can BUY the life of another man. May this incident haunt you for as long as you live. You may get off scot-free in this lifetime, but remember, we all answer to a higher being sooner or later. I hope you at least learned your lesson & become a better person from this experience & not just waste your life away partying & drinking.

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