Dear Ms. Piggy (Love, or hate, thy Neighbor)


That’s the problem with neighbors. Either you’ll love them or you’ll hate them. Either way, they’re there for life so be careful how you treat them because they can make your home feel like heaven, or a living hell.

One of life’s mysteries is how people, adult at that, can be so insensitive & clueless. I guess as kids, they were never taught by their parents not to go to any home unannounced, or about overstaying their welcome. Which is why we should do our best now to educate them so they don’t get stabbed by their neighbors in the future & thrown in the sewage! :P

I’m blessed to be in a village where neighbors don’t bother each other. And also don’t bother to KNOW each other. In my 20 years, I only know the people from the house across because our kids are friends, and the one beside because they came to my FIL’s funeral.

I guess it can be both a blessing & a curse. Iba parin syempre ang bayanihan especially in times of need, but if I had a neighbor the same as yours, I’d probably sell my house & move as far away as possible asap! Lol-JK.

I too value my privacy. There are just times when you want to be alone & anti-social. It’s during those times that company certainly doesn’t help. Maybe consider locking your door? If she asks you then say you don’t feel well & are resting. Tell her you’ve been feeling sluggish lately so you have taken to napping in the afternoons or mid-mornings. Just be nice & sincere about it since as you said, you don”t want to burn bridges.

One surefire thing that I can give you as an advice is put her to work. Ipa-day off si Inday. See how fast she’ll get out of your life. I know it sounds cruel, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures right? ;)

Set aside chores for when she comes over & ask her to help you. Complain about being sick or too tired, then leave her to do the rest. One week of this treatment and for sure, you’ll get her out of your hair. I mean, who likes housework?

If she still doesn’t leave you alone, then just look at it as a blessing. At least someone else is cleaning your toilet. :P


Dear readers, if there is anything you would like to add, feel free to do so on the comment section below. :)

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