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My dearest Ate . I don’t know how else to tell you in a different way & form how very very proud I am of all your wonderful achievements & accomplishments. Nagsasawa ka na siguro sa mga “I’m so proud of you anak” & it has probably lost its meaning with constant repetition.

Allow me to say it again now. I really am so so very proud of you. Congratulations on being a DEAN’s LISTER! You have set the bar oh so high for your siblings darling. Thank you for being so perfect (well except for the constant #RBF) Joke! 1/2


Beauty & brains plus #BodyByRoy pa, you have it all. In spite of all the heavy pressure sa #relationshipgoals, please take it slow. You are one of the best, so you also deserve nothing & no one but the best. Never settle anak. And don’t rush. Dadating din ang new prince of Brunei (yung mas bata & monogamous) & he will sweep you off your feet on a magic carpet ride! #BilmokonyunBilmokonyanHa

As for other things, always remember that a lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of a sheep. You are a lioness. Roar & soar anak. You are almost halfway there. I believe in you almost doktora Jana Go! Dami ko nang utang sayo anak. I will make it up I promise. 1h

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