Date with the Babes!

Ate had lakad with her friends yesterday, so it was just me & the 2 babies celebrating the end of exam week! :P

Had to be ate‘s chauffeur so we couldn’t go far due to time constraint. Settled in our old hangout instead. Which was fine because we’ve been craving Pepper Lunch for some time now anyway.

But before we headed off for dinner & a movie while we wait for ate to finish her lakad, we went to True Value first to look for a mini teppan cookware. Ate said she saw it in town.. and I <3 anything TEPPANYAKI so off we went in search of! This is what we found instead.. SOOOOO CUTE!!! @_@

Battery-operated ice cream cone rotator, so you just stick your tongue out while it does it’s own rotating, hahaha!! :P
Would have preferred a teppan cookware but since they had none, I was quite amused with this! ;))
50% off too so it came out to 250php each! <3
Got these too for the cars.
I hate the smell of lemon/pine yuck!! So this was a perfectly yummy scent!
70% of from 399php, yipee! :)

My baby & I drooled over these cool cooking gadgets! I mean HOW FUN will it be to use these when her friends come over??? They will HAVE A BLAST!!! <3 Hopefully, they will be on sale by the time my Lovey’s birthday comes in a couple of months so I can get all! She wants ALL!!! (Actually, I do too, hehe!). Okay, maybe I’ll keep half for Christmas so she has something left to unwrap!! :P

Mini Cupcake Maker! <3
Mini Donut Maker! <3
Smores Maker! <3
Old Fashioned Hot Dog Roller! <3
Ice Cream Sandwich Maker! <3
Cotton Candy maker! <3
Snow Cone Maker! <3
Enough window shopping!!! Will save up for these first.. SAVE, then PLAY! ;))
So off to pepper lunch we went! My babyson bumped into his new friend Luis who was also in the mall. We all hung together hehe! :P
This is our ultimate favorite! Double hamburger steak with Egg, yumyumyum!!! <3
Love it piping hot! ;)

With Luis!
My lovey’s Chicken Pepper Rice…
Which the waiter mixed because she was afraid of the talsik! ;P
Nomnomnom.. my lovey is a chicken container! She HEARTS chicken!! :))
Luis had to meet up with his mom na, so it was just the 3 of us again for dessert at FIC. We love ice cream (we actually love A LOT of things hahaha!)!

My yummy banana split.
My babyson’s banana split. Much simpler.. like him! ;))
The 3 stooges! ;P
Before watching a movie, we passed by a henna/tattoo shop so we thought it would be cool for my babyson to get a henna tat of his team’s logo for the Palarong Pinoy the next day.

Sabi ko..
Boss! Bangisan mo ang itsura ng pating ha!
Yung mukhang deadly talaga!
Does it look deadly? Parang naka-smile yata? hehehe! :P
The Blue Sharks Team, of which he is the team captain.
The youngest team captain. I’m SO PROUD of you baby son! :-*

My hunny finally met up with us, & we watched Crazy Stupid Love. Cute story. Watch it! :) More news (& pics) about the Palarong Pinoy next! ;)

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