Date with my Sweetness

In the past life, we must have been a family of japanese. ;P ok maybe except for my hunny bunny who is definitely chinese! I don’t think we will ever have too much of anything japanese in our lives. And to borrow ate’s new friend’s favorite word.. Swear!
Omakase remains to be our favorite japanese restaurant, we will never ever tire of it, even if we eat there every single day! ;))
Ate has never been to the new omakase in Molito, so I took her there on what was supposedly our “coffee date”. She’s been leaving home early & coming home late the past 2 weeks that I wanted some 1-on-1 time with my sweetness -I have missed her so! :((
Tasty & steaming miso soup..
just perfect for ate’s nasty colds.
She’s been having late nights due to tons of homework. Wawa! :'(
Sea Breeze 260 php (tuna with tempura & salmon inside)
Our ultimate favorite from the party platter that we always order when we have a sudden japanese craving.
Spicy Tuna Salad 230 php
Just the right kick for ate’s colds.
Spicy Tuna Tataki 180 php
Tuna seared just the way I like it, with chili powder. Wowowee! <3 
Cute japanese dolls leading to the 2 huge function rooms upstairs. 
Beef Teppan 340 php
Salmon Teppan 265 php
Our coffee date turned out to be a happy dinner! <3
I have to admit, when ate went off to college this june, I was very sad because I knew we would somehow be disconnected. After all, she will have her own life which I would know nothing about anymore. But she has surprised me by sharing kwentos & pictures of friends she has met, and her life as a college freshman. And I’m just so touched & happy that she is still so open & sweet & thoughtful! <3
We have always been very close, so I really appreciate her efforts to still make me a part of her college life. She would update me her whereabouts & text me periodically and share pictures because she knows I’m having ate-withdrawals & bouts of O.A. depressions! ;P
My sweetness amidst a sea of whites!
Bits & pieces of her college life really makes my day. 
Steady set of friends she has been hanging out with.
I’m so glad she has people to eat lunch with every day.
AND! I already know each one of them as if I know them personally, teehee!
That’s Ramy, Vince, Mendi, KitKat & Bianca.
I know, creepy me right? ;))
She’s so sweet to share her experiences with me with pictures that I look forward to seeing every day.
Ate, I miss you every single day that you are not with me -I would keep you beside me if I could. I always pray that you will always be safe. And surrounded by good friends who will love you & stick with you throughout your stay there -and even beyond. I’m so proud of you & who you are becoming. I know that God will always guide you & lead you to the path of success. I thank God for giving me a daughter as wonderful as you! Love you! :-*
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