Date with my little Ladies

As much as possible, I take my kids everywhere I go. I just miss them too much when we’re apart. But lately they’ve been having “lives” of their own apart from mine.. they’re growing up!!! :((

Last saturday, my babyson & lovey had lakad of their own. Him to hang with his old school mates at the mall. Her to hang with her own posse at the club. So ate & I had a date of our own.. a perfect time for heart-to-hearts & catching up. She loves it when my focus is just on her. She’s been pretty good with sharing me with her siblings actually, but once in  a while she needs a “ME” time! ;))

Ate is my soul sister. I’m so blessed how we’re really each other’s best friend. Whenever I have news, I think of telling it to her right away, the same goes for her. We actually have “brain waves” & think of same random things at particular times. I get her & she gets me! :) She never went through the awkward teen phase where she kept or hid things from me. Early on, I told her she can tell me everything & I won’t judge her. And I appreciate the fact that she tells me everything. Of course I’m sure she keeps small super private things to herself -she also needs that, but I still value the trust & love she gives me. I never had the same open relationship with my own mom, so I’m really really happy for the kind of relationship my dear ate & I  have. I hope we will always be best friends! <3

Ate & I had dinner at Mona Lisa.. with wine & all! ;) It’s our “grown-up” date haha! Time to talk about secrets & grown-up things!

A toast for Ate & all her accomplishments. I’m just so proud of her! <3
Chardonnay venetto (340 php)
Sweet fruity taste, just perfect with our meal! :)

We split this lovely mona lisa pizza (385 php)..
and aragosta fra diavolo pasta! (530 php) Burp! ;P
A proper ladies’ way of twirling pasghetti, hahaha! ;))
Cannoli for dessert (310 php). Ate loves the mixture of saltiness & sweetness.
She loved the cream cheese filling of this one.
I, on the other hand, loved the pannacotta (275 php).
And since I’m a creature of habit, I ordered it again since it’s my favorite among the desserts in ML! :)
Of course, my baby girl learned about this (she was hoping I would just stay home & pine for her while she partied. Ha! ;P) and wanted her OWN date! ;)) I love how the girls fight for “custody” over me haha I feel so special & loved!!! <3
So lovey & I went on a date too! Yesterday naman, we watched a movie then had dinner at Fish & Co.
Yes, my lovey & I are certified bakya hahaha! We watched this! ;))
She likes Eugene Domingo!
Dinner at Fish & Co. after
My lovey is such a sweet & caring girl.
She always does so many nice things for me that has endeared her to my heart. <3
She will forever be my baby! :-*
My baby just loves F&C’s mermaid rings!! <3
Soft, chewy goodness! <3
We split a pastry puff pizza (480 php)
Chocolate cake
Pannacotta (245 php)
Date with my lavinia! <3

I love all my kids equally, but the girls are really the sugar & everything nice in life! ;)

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