Date with Granny

Saturday. Sleeping-in, no-shower, laze-around-take-it-easy day. Right? WRONG! I’m somewhat O.C. So when something needs fixing, I need to fix it right away -as in ASAP, or I’ll never be at peace. I Hate It! @_@

Since we found out last night that one of Lovey’s purchase -a REGULAR priced 2k worth of colored jeans was too tight, I knew I would wake up early & have a need to return it first thing. Which is exactly what happened. GROAN.
I needed a driver since no way in hell was I gonna fight for a parking space on top of queueing in line AGAIN & sweet-talking a return. So I called my mom to borrow her driver. She insisted on coming along -which was a bad idea. Terrible -I thought. Old people & long lines??? Go figure. But she turned out to be my saving grace! <3 
2 words that didn’t even cross my mind until it proved very useful.. SENIOR CITIZEN. You get my line of thinking, right? It means SHORT CUT to everything! Now why didn’t I think of that YESTERDAY? @_@
When we got to UNIQLO, we had VIP entrance access hehe. No long lines (for us. For the rest, well let’s just say it’s a different story. Yes, the line outside was still THAT long!). And you know what’s even better? Paying! ;) Not only did she pay for MORE shopping by the girls (I know. They’ve had a good night’s rest so they were energized to continue their short shopping yesterday), we had a special SC lane hehe. What a beautiful day it turned out to be! <3
Buying stuff for my brother.
Mom’s sweet that way. ;)
Senior Citizen lane. Yay!! <3
Shopaholic girl. XOXO ;P
I love her harem outfit btw. She carries it off well -having such long legs. <3
And I got to have sushi for lunch. <3 What could be better than that, tell me! ;P
Sakai Sushi has a revolving conveyor belt & you just grab whatever  plate catches your fancy.
399 for eat-all-you-can that includes soup & a refillable drink (hot or cold)
Color-coded plates with different price.
Sakae Sushi is just a little walk to the right after the UNIQLO exit.

Ooops. I ate one before I was able to take a picture haha.
haha so takaw. Just look at our plates! ;P
Their sushi aren’t as fresh as let’s say a hotel’s.
But for the price, pwede na.
Just hope & pray that the plate you choose hasn’t been going around since yesterday teehee. 

Walked around a bit to let our food settle. And you know what happens when you window shop, right? Yes, you actually SHOP!

Yikes! Harajuku Lover’s Limited Edition Fragrance.
Good thing my mommy was with us. I was saved -she paid hehe! ;P
Thank you so much mommy for an unexpected & FUN date, shopping spree, and CHOCOLATES!!! We love you! <3

Mine… all MINE!!! <3
Thank you so much mommy!

But wait. My story doesn’t end there. Alas, life is not that easy. We didn’t get to do what we originally set out to do. Lavinia mistakenly brought the wrong pants. The one that needed to be exchanged was sitting at home -which means FRICK!!! I have to back YET AGAIN! Kill me now!

How’s that for irony! :P

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