Between their Dad & me, their Dad is the playful one. I’m most definitely the couch potato!! @_@ The kids know how to turn to him when they want to PLAY. They turn to me when they want to BUY something or to EAT OUT.. or just chillax (meaning no movement involved hehe) how sad is that??? ;P

Ever since they were little, their Dad was the one who took them to the park to rough them up coz he thought I isolated them in a huge bubble to keep them warm, fuzzy & safe. Kinda true, kinda true. Whenever he took any of our kids to the park, they came home with either a bruise or a gash! Promise!!! @_@

Daddy has always been the sporty one. The kids can count on him for a day-full of fun activities! :)
This is Ate with her daddy.

Even our dog wasn’t able to escape Dad’s playfulness! Truffles used to swim with the kids! :)

My babyson’s 1st car! ;))
Daddy would walk along while the yaya pushed because he was still too small to reach the gas pedal.
They can rely on their Dad to win any event in their school’s sportsfest!
My hunny “brainwashed” my babyson to LOVE basketball, I think, hahaha! :P

I think my Hunny would have encouraged my babyson to join carting if I tolerated it!! @_@ 
Even my baby love was encouraged by Daddy to engage in sports early on.
He would bike with this thing attached, and all of us would  follow his lead.
As if we were in a disney parade around the block! ;)) 
Lovey & Daddy carting in Subic! :)

Lovey & Daddy on a Tree top adventure…
Lately, their Dad has been busy with is new “hobby” (a car paint/repair shop) so he hadn’t been that much into them. So I was delighted when he spent some bonding time with the 2 younger kids in our pool yesterday! :)

They spent 2 hours yesterday splashing in our pool.
Growing up, I never had any interaction with my own Dad, fun or otherwise. Hard as I try, I can never remember him being a Dad to me, under any circumstance whatsoever! :(
Thank you Honey-pie, for being such a FUN dad!! <3 We super appreciate you!!! :-*

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