We were supposed to go to Calatagan today with the superfriends. Something came up, so all plans were nixed. Too bad coz I had to hassle SHEILA yesterday to ask if she would mind changing days for our “Meet & Greet” date. Good thing she was such a cowboy (or a cowgirl in this case) & consented. Such a trouper, this new friend of mine! :) (Thank you again, Sheila!)

Anyway, our day was all of a sudden open. And that simply can not be.. oh no no no no no! It’s not always that I get a chance to make the kids’ day special, so with ate’s recommendation, we went to The Fort to try out another Tea place.. Da-U-De (da-you-deh)! :)

It was another girls’ day out as my babyson had plans with his thugs. This is getting to be a regular occurrence, but what can I do? He’s a growing (macho) boy & I can’t keep him tied to my pants the whole time (even though I really really want to). :P

I’m so proud of my Lovey, she was able to take us back & forth with her great sense of direction. We would have been lost if it were up to me alone hehe. (Thank you my baby!! <3)

da.u.de Tea LoungeFort Bonifacio

G/F Net Lima Bldg., 4th Ave cor 26th StFort Bonifacio, Taguig(02) 478-3579

teeny tiny dainty macarons.. NOT FOR ME! :|

I love my girls! <3
They stick to me like glue. Always. :)
I love their apron!!! <3
I wanted to STEAL this one except it was tied so tightly! :|
And lookee whose writing was on the wall!!! <3
My frannywanny’s! :)
Our appetizer.. a NUTELLA donut! <3 90 php
I should have bought a dozen of this!!! </3
My Beer Berry 140 php. Light beer, skala red rooibos sweet tea.
You use a long spoon (provided) to lift the shot glass within containing the skala red rooibos sweet tea.
The effect is an unbitter, sweet beer. yum! m/
Calling alcoholics anonymous…
Nuts for Mangga (mangga tea, peanut butter, chocolate, vanilla ice cream, nuts. Blended smoothie).
Mintea (Chocolate Mint, chocolate, red rooibos, vanilla ice cream. Blended smoothie).
280 php & 120 php respectively. Both medium sized.
Imagine the price if they got the large! @_@ and it’s only drinks oh-my-gulay!!!
Nuts for mangga
Enjoying their very expensive drinks!
No wonder my blood pressure was kinda high, hehe.
Southern Fried Chicken 350 php
(Herb’d fried chicken, wasabi and corn mayonnaise, tea-infused Mexican salsa)
I really found this VERY bland & tasteless.  Too bad. </3
da.u.de Burger 200g beef patty, pork jowls, berry compote, corn wasabi mayonnaise, green 420 php
Good. But a bit dry.
Soft Shell Crab 420 php
(Singaporean chili soft shell crab, vegetable slaw, fried rice noodles, herbs)
Now this is what you call A WINNER! <3 

The bill came sandwiched in a story book. How cute! <3
The amount, however, was far from cute! :P

Of course, our bingeing didn’t stop there! Gotta take home some bread from Wildflour next door..

A boxful of yummy goodness.
Bombolini (their version of nutella cupcake -looks like bicho-bichong bilog) 75 php, Brownies turtle 110 php, Candy Bar Tart (big round chocolate tart-looking goodness) 130 php, cannele (round dark chocolate), carrot muffin 120 php, Roasted Garlic Knot 130 php (drat, should have bought more!!), Smores cupcake 120 php, walnut cranberry loaf (not in picture) 155 php.
This is what happens when there is no school haha. So I guess I should be thankful to the one who invented it, huh? ;P
And look what’s almost finished, just in time for summer! Yikes.. does this mean we’ll be at the beach all summer loooonnngggg??? :((
Our very handsome boat!
Sayang ang pangit ng background, hahaha! :P
Goodnight peeps! :-*
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