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Crystal Jade Dining In

CRYSTAL JADE DINING IN in BGC is not to be confused with its sister, Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight. The one in BGC is the high end version whichย serves only authentic Cantonese cuisine. So no, it doesn’t have the colored Shao Long Baos you can find in the lower-priced Greenhills branch more focused on the general Shanghai delights. :P







I was pleasantly surprised when Crystal Jade’s brand manager KENNETH YU sent me an email invite to try the restaurant’s MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL featuring dishes prepared specially for the occasion by their in-house chefs.



With my cousin Richard who was also an early bird, and KENNETH YU, brand manager of Crystal Jade.


Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 8th this year. The holiday lasts from Septemberย 6th to 8th. The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second grandest festival after the Spring Festival in China. It takes its name from the fact that it is always celebrated in the middle of the autumn season. The day is also known as the Moon Festival, as at that time of the year the moon is at its roundest and brightest. Thus, the mooncakes -which consists of a thin, tender pastry skin enveloping a sweet, dense filling, and may contain one or more whole salted egg yolks in their center as the symbol of the full moon.

Moon Cake is the special food of Mid-Autumn Festival. On that particular day, people sacrifice moon cakes to the moon as an offering and eat them for celebration. Moon cakes come in various flavors according to the region. The moon cakes are round, symbolizing the reunion of a family, so it is easy to understand how the eating of moon cakes under the round moon can evoke longing for distant relatives and friends. Nowadays, people present moon cakes to relatives and friends to demonstrate that they wish them a long and happy life.


DSC06284PicMonkey Collage1.

Traditional mooncakes have an imprint on top consisting of the Chinese characters for “longevity” or “harmony”, as well as the name of the bakery and the filling inside. Imprints of the moon, the Lady Chang’e on the moon, flowers, vines, or a rabbit (symbol of the moon) may surround the characters for additional decoration.


Crystal Jade Dining IN

Unit SEUG201 Bonifacio High Street, 30th Street corner 7th Avenue,
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (02) 808-5233

From today until September 14, 2014 enjoy Crystal Jade’s specialty menus at DISCOUNTED PRICES (5k slashed to 3.8k for 4-5 pax, and 10k slashed to 7.8k for 8-10 pax). What’s more, every 5k php minimum spent gets you a chance to roll the dice & win a 1,000.00 php Crystal Jade gift voucher


Grape & Avocado shakes. MUST TRY!!! <3 Hot tea for me please.


Jiang Nam Crispy sliced Chicken 980 php (whole).. to be prepared 3 ways..


First way: Wrapped in Pancake.


Second way: Shredded with Fresh Fruit Salad.


Third way: Poached with Cordycep Flower & Beancurd Soup.


Deep Fried Garoupa Balls with Sweet & Sour Sauce. Whole, seasonal price 1,200 php.


Sauteed Shrimp with Broccoli Flower.


My favorite for the day, Braised Homemade Beancurd with Mushroom. 400 php.


Crystal Jade Fried Rice. 380 php.


Right after our sumptuous lunch, Kenneth provided a Dice Game for our entertainment, as well as a couple of exciting prizes up for grabs by the lucky players. From that moment on, wala nang kaibi-kaibigan. It meant WAR! ;P

Legend: One “4” gets you a bag of goodies. Two “4s” gets you a box of porkbuns. Three “4s” gets you a box of mooncakes . Four “4s” gets you a copper tea pourer. And five to 6 “4s” or a straight flush gets you GCs worth 3k each. Yep, it was definitely WAR for the participants. :P


Two golden envelopes were up for grab. It contained GCs amounting to 3k each! <3


Irene & I caught on camera planning tactics & strategizing! ;))


Husband rolls. No luck. @_@


Husband touches wife’s boobs for good luck (coz boobs bigger now than tummy because of PALEO MANILA diet!) Yes, plugging ok! ;)


Husband wins prize. Plenty prizes.. \m/ Wife happy!

PicMonkey Collage2

BUT!!! Husband & Wife Zamoras rub something else. Gets jackpot. TWICE!!! What hold??? What rub??? NOT FAIR!!

PicMonkey Collage3

Husband & Wife Zamoras give peace offering. Bigger boob (not bigger tummy anymore) wife accepts. Peace regained! :P


Thank you so much CRYSTAL JADE & Kenneth Yu for having us. I can’t remember the last time I played the dice game, so this was most welcome & appreciated. Of course, the loot we got to take home didn’t hurt one bit. :) I hope you didn’t get shocked with Kap’s & my antics. I’d hate not to be invited again to Crystal Jade, haha!
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, every one! Here’s to our longevity & good fortune! :-*
photo 2

Part of our winnings, the Baked Bo Lo Barbecue Pork Buns, which the kids attacked with delight! THANK YOU CRYSTAL JADE! <3

photo 3
Due to the requests of their customers,ย Crystal Jade Dining IN has extended their mid-Autumn Festival offering ofย  until end of the month, September 30, 2014.
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