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Crystal Jade Dining In Revisited

Whenever marketing honcho Kenneth Yu of Crystal Jade Dining In invites us over for a meal, I really can’t contain my happiness because aside from the glorious food, NEW on the menu, that he always makes sure to let us sample first before going public, it’s the happy vibe & camaraderie of the Bloggers he invites that makes for a fun & festive atmosphere. And let’s not forget the raffle he always includes. Hindi lang wagi at panalo, bongga pa!

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When I told Kap of our invite, he made sure his day was cleared. Normally, I have to negotiate, or send my regrets when an invite is too far or disrupts his rigid schedule. But the moment I said our invite was for Crystal Jade Dining In, he was willing to drop everything so we can go last Tuesday.

On my part, I was just so happy to be able to try & partake of the YU SHENG, or the tossing of the prosperity salad considered to bring good luck & fortune. I’ve heard of this but I’ve never actually experienced it. So YU SHENG was something new that I was very eager to try. Of course, good luck is not something you’d want to turn your back from, right? ;) Bring it on!


Delicious & healthy salad mix consisting of raw fish (salmon sashimi in this case), lime, pepper, oil, carrots, shredded green cucumber, white radish, peanut crumbs, sesame seeds, and deep fried flour crisps.

This prosperity salad will be available at Crystal Jade Dining In from now until the celebration of the Chinese New Year which is on February 19 (a Thursday). Or if you opt to celebrate it at home, it is also available for take out in 2 sizes: 880 php small; 1,650 php large. Order it for take-out as well as other splendid dishes from  Crystal Jade Dining In for a stress-free, care-free party at home! :)
You may then have your very own YU SHENG tossing. Here are the 12 steps towards your prosperity. 12 Steps to Lo Hei:
1.) Gather around the table and make sure all the ingredients are either in the bowl or within reach. Don’t forget to greet one another: GONG XI FA CAI (congratulations for your wealth), and WAN SHI RU YI (May all your wishes come true).
2.) The salmon, or raw fish symbolises abundance & excess throughout the year. Say: NIAN NIAN YOU YU (Abundance through the year).
3.) The lime (or pomelo) added to the raw fish is for luck & auspicious value. Say: DA JI DA LI (Good luck & smooth sailing).
4.) Add a dash of Pepper (normally put inside a red envelope) over the ingredients in the hope of attracting more money & valuables. Say: ZHAO CAI JIN BAC (Attract wealth & treasure).
5.) Pour oil, circling the ingredients & encouraging money to follow & flow from all directions. Say: YI BEN WAN LI (make 10,000 times profit with your capital)
6.) Add carrots to the raw fish indicating blessings of good luck. Say: HONG YUN DANG TOU (Good luck is approaching).
7.) Place the shredded green cucumber not the raw fish symbolising eternal youth. Say: QING CHUN CHAN ZHU (Forever young).
8.) Followed by the shredded white radish to make sure prosperity in business & promotion at work will come. Say: FENG SHENG SHUI QU (progress at a fast pace).
9.) Finally, add the condiments. First, dust the peanut crumbs on the dish symbolizing a household filled with gold & silver. Say: JIN YIN MAN WU (Household filled with gold & silver).
10.) Sesame seeds quickly follow symbolizing a flourishing business. Say: SHENG YI XING LONG (prosperity for the business).
11.) Deep fried flour crisps in the shape of golden pillows is then added with wishes that the whole floor will be filled with gold. Say: MAN DI HUANG JIN (Floor full of gold).
12.) Toss the salad an auspicious SEVEN times with loud shouts of LO HEI! And there you go! :)
Our super fun YU SHENG experience in pictures..
Our tablemates were the loudest I think in egging each other on & doing the happy toss -we must have scared the other customers away! :P So much for the restaurant’s prosperity that day haha. Anyway, of course Kenneth didn’t stop at just this one dish. Here are the rest of the wonderful dishes we got to enjoy, a combination of old time favorite, and NEW! <3

Crystal Jade Dining IN

Unit SEUG201 Bonifacio High Street, 30th Street corner 7th Avenue, 
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (02) 808-5233
Roasted Peking Duck and 2nd way Braised Noodles with Shredded Duck Meat & Mushroom | Double-boiled Fish with White Fungus and Papaya | Golden Sesame Balls Stuffed with Fresh Mushrooms | Crispy Prawn with Sliced Apple and Sweet and Sour Sauce | Steamed Live Garoupa with Olive | Sauteed Assorted Vegetable with Preserved Vegetable..

Roasted Peking Duck. Always a crowd favorite & welcomed in any & every celebration! <3 Ken gave away a whole pecking duck in the raffle and our tablemate DUDE FOR FOOD won. How lucky, his road to prosperity is starting already! ;)


Ken warned us that for every duck lumpia we eat, we lose 5 seconds of our life. Hmmnnn, okay. Quite a good price to pay for these calorifically good munchkins, don’t you agree? :P Take away! Basta 5 seconds lang per ha! ;))


Peking Duck 2nd way – Braised Noodles with Shredded Duck Meat & Mushroom. I’ve never tried noodles as a second way and I must declare.. IT IS SOOOO GOOD TOO! <3 Super saucy, just the way I like it.


Double-boiled Fish with White Fungus and Papaya. What can I say, every dish was met with delight. My tablesmates are really foodies! :) The white fungus added a dash of texture to the fish soup.



Delicious & soupy Xiao Long Bao. New item on CJDI appetizers.



New in the menu, Golden Sesame Balls Stuffed with Fresh Mushrooms. It’s like buchi on steroids. The richer cousin with mushroom stuffings. Yum in every bite.


Crispy Prawn with Sliced Apple and Sweet and Sour Sauce. I try to avoid peeling shellfish whenever possible. Tamad talaga ako. So Kap does the peeling for me, he’s an expert. ;) But this time he was only too happy that the succulent & flavorful jumbo prawns came fully peeled & ready to eat! <3


Steamed Live Garoupa with Olive. The clean & fresh taste went perfectly well after the other flavor-packed dishes & acted as an expensive palate cleanser. ;))


Sauteed Assorted Vegetable with Preserved Vegetable. because after those sinful dishes, of course we need healthy veggies! :P

And just when we couldn’t breathe anymore because we were just so stuffed silly, these beauties came out. Who in their right mind says no to dessert? @_@ What a perfect meal ender with hot tea.


Coffee Jelly, Mochi, and Taro Balls for our sweet endings. <3 Perfect with tea.





And a sneak peak at Indulgence by Irene‘s new flavor, the COFFEE & BAILEY CHEESCAKE which she generously had us all try. (quick plugging lang haha)


New at @indulgencebyirene .. COFFEE with BAILEY’S cheesecake 300/1,400 php small/large respectively. Coffee lovers like me, rejoice! Love in every creamy bite. Even my furry friends are sooo happy with this new variety. Also available: Orange Bourbon, Corn, and Earl Grey. Thank you Irene for my cheesecake baon, and thank you @talesfromthetummy for my new furry friends!


Like I said, Kenneth always manages to make each event fun & exciting. After our delectable meal came the surprise raffle. And guess who won SECOND PRIZE??? ME of course! ;))



And prosperity has just started for the GOppets, won’t you say? :) Thank you so much!  CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT MY PREVIOUS POST ON CRYSTAL JADE SHANGHAI DELIGHT! <3

Thank you so much Crystal Jade Dining In, Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight, Kenneth Yu, and COO MYLENE LIM for such a FUNtabulous time! <3 I hope that with the prosperity toss, along with fervent prayers & deep faith, Kap & I will finally realise our life-long dream. SOON!


I had lots of new experiences that day. New YU SHENG salad toss, new cheesecake flavor to try, and new friend to make. With Ken & ANGELO COMSTI. Angelo just published his second cookbook FROM OUR TABLE TO YOURS.


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