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Crystal Jade Dining IN, Holiday Set Menus

Ho-ho-ho! It’s that time of the year again of happy get-togethers & reunions. Life is so fast-paced that it’s only during special occasions & the jolly christmas season that we pause for a while from our busy lives and make time to catch up with loved ones & dear friends we haven’t seen for quite some time.

This December & well over until the Chinese New Year (February 08, 2016), Crystal Jade Dining IN features 3 Holiday Set Menus for a carefree evening. Why spend the first half of your lunch or dinner poring over the menu (and miss out on the fun & chika-minute) when the chinese master chefs at Crystal Jade Dining IN already hand-picked personal favorites for you to enjoy! \m/

Crystal Jade Dining IN

Unit SEUG201 Bonifacio High Street, 30th St corner 7th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (02) 808-5233


Savour Crystal Jade Dining IN’s enchanting spread of authentic Chinese cuisine with these three (3) featured dishes from Chinese Master Chefs: Fresh Shrimp Wanton in Almond Soup, Golden Baked Stuffed Crab Shells, Live Garoupa served 2 Ways. Price starts at P8,800+.

We snuck in some family Q-time last Saturday night. Our home has been abuzz with so many people lately since my Mom got out of the hospital & agreed to stay with us that we decided to go out for a quick stress-free, hassle-free, quiet holiday dinner.

Sometimes, food for the soul does magical wonders & is actually good for the spirit and well-being during these harried times. ;)


It’s so festive at BGC, I love it! <3 One thing nice about the outdoors is the twinkling christmas lights get to mingle with the star-laden sky. Shining shimmering splendid effect! Even the smell of the rain hints at fresh starts & new beginnings. Peace to all mankind. :)



I appreciate high ceilings in restos because I don’t feel squished. And at Crystal Jade Dining IN, tables are set far apart, giving you space for privacy. Perfect for your quiet time.



Choose the Set Menu of your choice. Take your pick from Set A (18,800 good for 10), Set B (14,800 good for 8) or Set C (8,800 good for 6) and spread that holiday cheer & goodness.



Our Set Menu C holiday spread (Good for 6) P8,800. Perfect for the #GOppets. Combination of crispy duck sandwich with shredded duck fruit salad, Fresh shrimp wonton in almond soup, Pan-fried minced pork with salted fish, Golden baked stuffed crab shells, Braised fresh mushrooms with dried scallops, Fried rice with scallop crab meat & crab roe, and Baked creamy custard in tapioca pudding. Omnomnom.



Table for 5 please? And a spare for our extra appetite! ;P



Life is never boring for the #Giblings. While waiting for our Christmas spread.. instant photoshoot! They make my life so much fun & interesting. Never a dull moment with these kiddos.



One of my favorites is this Combination of crispy duck sandwich with shredded duck fruit salad. I’d happily pop all 5 in my mouth. The skin is so crispy you can actually hear the crunch from across the table.



Yan. Rinig na rinig ko talaga! ;)



Gulit-free with zero fat! <3 Crispy skin and succulent meat, the perfect combination.



Fresh shrimp wonton in almond soup.



Pan-fried minced pork with salted fish.



Another favorite, this Golden baked stuffed crab shells.



Filled with overloaded stuffings & creamy goodness. <3 Yum!



Braised fresh mushrooms with dried scallops.



Fried rice with scallop crab meat & crab roe.



Happy meals at Crystal Jade Dining In are always met with delight by my chinese-food-loving family.



and finally, for dessert, Baked creamy custard in tapioca pudding.



He never fails to annoy me & photobomb at every opportunity. Buti nalang GO-wapo! :P



But WAIT! No visit to Crystal Jade Dining IN is complete without a side order of Hakao 340 php, and..



their famous Xiao Long Bao 375 php! <3 My kids LOVE them!

Your all-time favorites not on the set menu? CLICK HERE for ala carte orders. Life is full of choices. ;)

All that yumm food warrants a walk in the park. I love BGC because it really does look like a park with a vast listing of restaurants & shopping outlets within short walking distance in between to choose from. Panalo sa GOppets!


Are you done your christmas shopping? I have to admit, my Christmas list hasn’t been completed yet. I can’t figure out what to get the kids for christmas! They’re so hard to buy presents for now that they’re all grown up. Oh-oh, someone is eyeing the new iPad! $$$ Gift of love nalang ang ibigay ko. All year round pa! ;))



A magical carriage! Perfect for my fairy tale life. <3 Will make sure to visit BGC again soon for a ride with my happy ever after. :) Then another stopover at Crystal Jade Dining IN for a quick duck & crab fix!

Thank you so much Crystal Jade Dining IN for a wonderful, peaceful dinner. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of recharging, and you’re good to go for another spin in what we call LIFE.


Thinking of the perfect holiday gift? Look no further! Crystal Jade Dining IN vouchers come in P1,000 and P5,000 denominations. A complimentary gift certificate worth P1,000 is yours for every P20,000 worth of Crystal Jade Dining IN gift vouchers. For inquiries, do contact Aida Velasco at 0917-5010711 and 808-5233 or email at aida.velasco@crystaljade.com.ph. Free delivery for a minimum order of P5,000 worth of gift certificates. Share the gift of authentic and delicious Chinese cuisine today!


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